View Full Version : What to do With my old Williams II

24-02-2007, 15:34
As above, I've had it since 96 and its pretty hige milleage. I bought a CTR for my daily 80 mile commute and have done nothing with it for 3 years (SORN).

I always promised myself that I'd do it up and keep it, but I don't seem to have the time or money to lavish on a car that I used to love dearly (I've become addicted to modding my 330 BHP S/C CTR).

So am I better selling it to someone for breaking or restoration and whats it worth ? Its got a Superchip ECU and the gearbox and clutch were replaced in the last 10K. License plate is M105BMA.


24-02-2007, 16:44
pics? price? if you decide to sell of course lol

24-02-2007, 17:22
I'll try and get some pics on Sunday. I'm afraid she's going to have to go - preferably to someone who is going to cherish her.

Cat replaced, and have decat pipe. Bodywork not too bad, but does need some work.


24-02-2007, 17:24
whats the body work like? has it been run at all for 3 years or just left sat there? mileage?

25-02-2007, 15:14
intrested, pics please

big hp
25-02-2007, 15:25
Get some pics and full details up mate.

25-02-2007, 22:26
yes second dibs, sound s good