View Full Version : MORE new additions today to the cup

21-02-2007, 16:37
newish wheel and raid snap off and a general clean inside.





21-02-2007, 16:39
Thats one deep dish wheel !

Any from looking in through the tailgate ???

21-02-2007, 16:43
without driving the car its a perfect positioning set up.


hold on

21-02-2007, 18:49
more more more pics....

post about 100 pics and i still wont be happy! LOL :twisted:

love any track / slagged / cup clio...

awesome :D

21-02-2007, 18:55

21-02-2007, 19:10
can you post more interior cage pics please

21-02-2007, 19:13
Looks like my sorta driving position, good distance from the pedals but steering wheel close enough so you've got more leverage and control of the wheel.


21-02-2007, 19:40
Looking very good mate! quick question, i have a raid wheel and snap off kit for a mk1 xr2 but is it possible to use the wheel and adapter from it and just get the boss? Been itching to fit it for ages but not sure if its do-able.

The seat is very nice too mate, as clowo says looks like a good driving position.

21-02-2007, 20:11
Yes thats the position i prefer to be in as it has no PAS and its what the pro's advise.

I have raised the seat up one notch as i was really low down before and couldnt see much, will road test soon and see how i get on.

Yes you should be able to use the wheel and raid kit but you simply need a clio fitting boss......(see items for sale by me!!!!)

No more interior shots im afraid

21-02-2007, 20:15
What size /steering wheel is that chief? I'm on manual rack so don't want to go too small with a aftermarket wheel....

21-02-2007, 20:19

without measuring it id say its over 320 mm, only slightly smaller than the 16v wheel if this helps.

will measure tomoz

21-02-2007, 20:23
I thought you had to buy a special raid boss so that one half of the kit can bolt to it, and then the other half of the kit is bolted to the wheel? Is yours the standard clio boss for standard wheel?

21-02-2007, 23:03
well i bought a raid snap off kit, fitted it to the sparco wheel then attatched other half to the momo boss for a clio

21-02-2007, 23:36
Ah right, so is the boss you have for sale a momo one then? :wink:

Always wondered whether they were inter-changeable.

21-02-2007, 23:37
Martin if you get the wheel closer to you as evouk has you can use a smaller wheel as the "weight" of turning it is closer to your body where you'd naturally lift stuff