View Full Version : New bass guitar (hand built by me!!)

15-02-2007, 21:18
As a few of you might know i build guitars as a hobby, just finished this 5 string bass and i'm chuffed to **** with it to say the least, waddya you guys think?




15-02-2007, 21:38
8) good effort matey! such a random thing to do, but loads of respect cuz it cant be easy.

my missus is wondering on what u offer in terms of price etc?

15-02-2007, 21:56
8) good effort matey! such a random thing to do, but loads of respect cuz it cant be easy.

my missus is wondering on what u offer in terms of price etc?

What i do coops is charge for parts + about 300 quid in labour (400 if the instrument is neck thru like the one shown)

Parts can weigh in from about 100 for okay bits to around 700 for top notch parts.

So basically its prices from around 400.00 to about a grand.

15-02-2007, 21:58
good skills there mate looks cool the grain proper stands out
just this week a guy i know brought round a semi acoustic bass he has made on a course he does
he already made a mandolin which sounds excellent

16-02-2007, 01:26
that's v sweet how much does it weigh? the 5 string i've got is a cheap nasty perspex jobby that weighs a metric ton lol

16-02-2007, 01:27
****ing mint 8)

Smokey McPot
16-02-2007, 08:41
5 Strings? A little unusual. Nice looking weapon though. Well done :D

2 live
16-02-2007, 09:38
lookin good fella.

how many is this now?? lol

16-02-2007, 12:59
Looks great nice shape and grain definition


16-02-2007, 13:47
My mate has just had this built by Brian Eastwood

Custom 9string 36 fret hybrid axe.

It has an extra 1.5 octaves below and 1 octave above a regular guitar.

There is no fretwire on the board from frets 25 to 36. Of these, the treble strings are played using the fingernail but the bass strings are played like a fretless bass.

Solid Burr Elm body. Bubinga neck. Ebony board.

Custom Kent Armstrong hand-wound humbucker.

Locking Sperzel heads.

Sounds awesome.


16-02-2007, 13:49
Oh and while we are on the subject, check out my efforts, my mate has a Gibson Les Paul Special and wanted it refinishing to a wood effect, so I set too it with the paint stripper, impressed with my first ever effort, nowhere in your league though, the bass looks awesome, well done








16-02-2007, 14:42
Lots of guitar porn. Correct chunky gauge strings as well. 8)

Mine still needs the neck sorting. It's a bitch to play and requires fore-arms like tree trunks. not good when you're trying to re-learn and play Tool stuff. :P

16-02-2007, 15:18
if you built me one would you do it with no strings attached?

quality number

16-02-2007, 16:25
that looks stunning mate, great finish you have put on it, lots of time and effort gone into that one. how many have you made ?

16-02-2007, 20:35
Bass looks nice. I have a 5 string bass too. 5 string is so much nicer to play than 4 String.
My main love is the Drums! I have a Black and Pink OCDP snare drum. HAHA! Sounds awesome!