View Full Version : Idle problem almost solved

12-02-2005, 01:02
Right i had a good play with her this after noon and after testing the injectors, TDC sensor and reading the resistance on all of the temp valves they seemed fine.

I've made sure the ICV was clicking when the ignition was on and that the engine stalled if the pipe was squezzed.

Then i deicded just to try the engine running with various things unpluged in turn. With the ICV unpluged it behaved were simular so thought it could possible be that, same with the inlet temp sensor.

But then i started the engine with the throtal potentiometer (sp) unpluged and the engine wouldn't stalled, it idled fine, although high. And as soon as i plugged this back in the engine stalled.

Just wanna know does this mean the throtal potentiometer is knackered as i susspect or could this possibly just be masking and conpensating for another problem in some way?

Also any rough idea how much one costs?


12-02-2005, 09:24
i know its a totally different vehicle but my old meagne idled like a bag of sh*t and stalled a lot, a quick clean of the crank sensor worked for me