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19-01-2007, 00:41
seen on another forum and it works so i thought some might EnJoY it :lol:

go on the tvx channel,(97 on my freeview) press red button. A number will pop up put this number in the generator (foundhere) http://www.deathgrip.co.uk/free/ and it will give you a number to put in by your remote hey presto free television x tv and sports sentana

19-01-2007, 00:44
:( wish i kept my freeview box now

2 live
19-01-2007, 05:32
try channelchooser.com ;)

apparently theres sports progs on there too....havent managed to see further than the porn yet tho lol.

19-01-2007, 11:44
does this also work on sky??

19-01-2007, 13:42
this works
its not a link to porn its a link to a page with a number generator
when u go to X channel if u the press red button on your remote
it gives u a number on screen
put that number in the gen then it then gives u a 4 digit number to put in the channel with your remote
X channel is porn
it hasnt messed up my box
it works for the X channel and senata sports channel

freeview only i think ?

19-01-2007, 22:38
nothing happens when i press the red button? :?

19-01-2007, 22:47
hard luck :lol:

u aint missing much

or are you :lol:

19-01-2007, 22:49
btw its channel 97 on my free view and its called tvx

19-01-2007, 23:28
yeh i am going to channel 97 and it is television x, does ur screen have a bit that says press red for............. blah blah

20-01-2007, 00:05
haha yes

press the red button
it then gives u a code to put in the gen
then use remote to input code
i aint a porn expert
i just found it online :lol: :wink: