View Full Version : this is interesting!

06-05-2005, 18:36
hmmmm intersting! note how on the last 2 pages of the thread that a saxo sports member slags off the cliosport site and its mods!


06-05-2005, 18:52
Just another reason why i am posting less and less on cliosport, all the sad pathetic wankers, i think i was the only one, or one of the only ones standing up for fifi.

In the end i actually had to PM KDf to get it locked :roll:

06-05-2005, 18:56
LOL, i see Cliosport really is full of alot of desperate little boys.

J o n
06-05-2005, 20:29
oh my god... what a bunch of losers. it's a shame that it went to 7 pages of shite as that poor couple probably wont dare go to FCS now... all because the mods failed to do what they are there to do. KDF tries to avoid responsibility, but reality of it is that they dont look in off topic because it's full of shit... and they looked in driving tales because it's funny and interesting whether you agree with it or not... fire em all i say

06-05-2005, 20:51
Trouble is most of these people wouldnt know what to do with a woman if they had one. Ive seen it before. Go to a meet / party and they sit there not knowing what to say or how to act, all embarrassed about their small boyish body and lack of charisma.

Get out. Meet people. Do sruff. Experience things.

I am allowed to sit on the internet all day long, as i have already done it all. :wink: