View Full Version : 550 for a williams engine?

08-01-2007, 20:31
I am looking for a williams engine for my valver.

I have been offered one for 550 quid with everything but the box.

Box is an extra 150.

I think this is too expensive, do you guys?

Ive seen em go for around 250-400 on ebay with the box.

Im just waiting for the next one, theyre like rocking horse sh*t aren't they!

This one Ive been offered is from a willy 1, with 65k :roll:

Im not to bothered about mileage as I will rebuild the one I get, but this seems a bit wink wink!

08-01-2007, 21:30
id av thought that cheap!!

08-01-2007, 21:48
I might be being ignorant, but going off what ive seen them go for on ebay I just though it was a tad pricey!

Come on guys give us yr thoughts!

08-01-2007, 21:54
550 is a bit much these days, i wouldn't hesitate to pay that if i knew it was good and had a box ;)

08-01-2007, 22:05
may have been cheap with it being xmas and what not... things are usualy cheaper that time of year... prices will start going back up...
mid year prices will be alot more than that! i mean infinicar sell them at what 900?

08-01-2007, 22:12
forget infinicar prices, they were trying to shift a valver lump for 999 lol

08-01-2007, 23:27
seems ok price,,,,,,,,, ive recently bought a williams engine for 500 pounds........

Still sat on my crane in the garage :D

09-01-2007, 01:17
Price sounds good to me, and if it's the one off Rob its a good engine too.


10-01-2007, 13:16
For the mileage i think that's alright, however i'd try and knock some money off for the lack of a gearbox.

I think finding a decent gearbox is going to be the next stumbling block. Might be worth waiting for low mileage engine with gearbox still attached to save some hassle - that's what i did.

11-01-2007, 10:29
you pay for what you get really, you "can" get a williams lump for 350 with 120k + off a bloke that says "its done 40k"

You just never know the history...

Id still pay 550 for a 60k engine

J o n
11-01-2007, 11:08
my mate was going to sell his, I advertised it here for a short time, he wanted 500 for it and 150 for the box. Engine has under 40k iirc, piper cams, gas flowed head, chip and the box was a new magane one... he's putting it in his car now though... these engines aint that cheap really, price generally reflects condition and miles, but his would be a bargain for the mods, no one was interested at the time though... shame for them really, glad he's keeping it!

2 live
11-01-2007, 11:38
if he can catch me...he can have it back ;) lol

J o n
11-01-2007, 11:51
pmsl! not much chance of that on foot then! hehe

actually Jon need to speak to you about his engine conversion and if and when you could do it... he needs MOT sorting too, he'll prolly need brake disks, pads and callipers, but told him to go 2nd hand on them all as it's a safer bet

11-01-2007, 13:43
Does seem pricy :)