View Full Version : Anyone gone to Egypt on their hols?

06-01-2007, 18:04
Thinking of going this year,any info on good places to visit and nightlife would be appreciated,not doing beach shizzle wanna explore?

thanks :wink:

Lee Keefy
06-01-2007, 22:25
sharm el sheik,

went at xmas last year,

coral sea hotel through thomas cook,

f**kin awesome,treated like royalty (must have recognised us)

loads of excursions run from the hotel and shipwreak walkin distance from
the beach!!!!

will be there again this year :D :D :D

06-01-2007, 22:36
f**kin awesome,treated like royalty (must have recognised us)

haha^^ u knows it :lol:

13-01-2007, 20:04
My old dear goes tro the above place alot, just chills out int eh hotel, the guys that work there get paid something stupid like the equivilant of 2 a week/day (forget which) or something

13-01-2007, 20:50
yeah thats right, an they work like 15 hours a day!

All the hotels in Sharm are luxury, 4 star or above.

Nama Bay which is close by is OK for shopping also, they have a hard rock cafe which EVERYONE goes to. LOL