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05-01-2007, 22:57
I have a full roll cage which I was going to fit to my hybrid. Since I have now given up on fixing it and bought a williams 2 I am left with this problem.

Do I fit it to the williams 2? I feel guilty about the idea of drilling the a williams to fit the cage. I have kept all the other standard parts so the car can be returned to standard when I come to sell it.

Should I sell the cage and sleep well knowing I haven't drilled a williams or should I be the right rally slag and fit the cage?

What does everyone think?

05-01-2007, 23:29
tie wrap it in :wink:

Weld it in? remove the carpet though - it can always be unwelded, mind you depends what type of cage it is...

05-01-2007, 23:31
It is the OMP cage and the carpet will be out no doubt.

05-01-2007, 23:37
What make is it?

I'll likely buy it off you if you dont want it.

ps...dont fit it :D

06-01-2007, 00:11
The make is OMP. If you are interested in buying it PM me an offer and I will consider it when deciding if I use it.

06-01-2007, 11:20
Theres 2 sides to the coin

At the end of the day its your car, you've paid your money and could chop it into little pieces if you wanted to.

On the flip side the Williams is a slow dying breed and clean unmolested examples can fetch more than 54 plated dynamiques.

If it was my Williams I'd keep it clean and minty and just enjoy it for what it is. I wouldn't feel guilty about putting it into a valver though :lol:

06-01-2007, 14:20
My thoughts exactly, which is why I had bought it, to fit in a hybrid.

Stoker Willi 1
06-01-2007, 21:39
NOOOOOOOOOO!:shock: (':(')

leave the holes and cages for stripped track day sla*s,{16v,rsi,hybrids} not the rarity of the bunch!
Keep her mint mate dyin breed! {inc 1,2,3}

2 live
07-01-2007, 17:24
get it in.....

my willy 1 will be gettin one v v soon ;)

stan..u still on for it??

07-01-2007, 22:11
Im not plannin gon this one ^^^ its damaged :?

Still up for what we discussed tho, yeah.