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03-01-2007, 08:31
Right people ive got a Compaq D510 SFF 2.6Ghz P4, Motherboard Socket 478pin, AGP Graphics Card Slot with Radeon 9250 128MB, 768MB of DDR PC3200u 400mhz CL3.

Right i want to buy a half decent graphics card that will last also want to upgrade to PCI-E cause AGP is an old technology. Can anyone recommend a SFF motherboard with socket 478pin that will accept a P4 and my RAM and have a PCI-E Slot??

Or should i completely upgrade the Processor/Motherboard/Ram/Graphics Card. But affraid it might cost me :roll:

Thanks :P

03-01-2007, 14:23
eeer teracotta :lol:

03-01-2007, 14:52

04-01-2007, 00:06
from what u say all u will be keeping from the old system is the box,memory,and hdd

if u get a new chipand mobo u will prob need new different memory and u might aswell get new sata hdds

iv allways found it better to build a complete new system then sell the old one when finished

04-01-2007, 02:34
You should be able to play most of the latest games, albeit at lower video settings, if you just upgrade to a higher-end AGP card. A used high-end AGP card is quite cheap now, as most players are upgrading to Core2Duo/SLIs.

I am using Nvdia 6800le agp on a AMD 2600+ PC and just completed NFS:MW. Running the video at 1600x1200x32, low quality setting. I will probably get a C2D in a year's time, but my current PC still got some life in her yet.

Also, reformatting and re-installing with latest updates can work wonders on old PC's performance, mainly because that will eliminate all the system junk that has accumulated over the years.

04-01-2007, 13:17
An Asus P4RD1-MX will sort you out.

Has PCI-e and uses DDR 1.