View Full Version : aprox valvue of this car anyone?

matt uk
22-12-2006, 19:38
blue 52 plate clio cup 172

31k miles ver good condition 6 months mot no tax

first registered 12/12/02 so 4 years old

can anyone who knows a bit about these guess a price

i have a chnace to buy for 3900 which i think is a good price but i know little about these cars

any info welcome as its cash tomorrow or no deal!


22-12-2006, 19:41
buy it mate! no doubt u will make a profit on it, as you are in the car trade i take it????

matt uk
22-12-2006, 19:45





matt uk
22-12-2006, 19:47
anyone know the stats on these speed wise etc etc

in comparison to williams/106 gti for example

apparently those wheels on it cost 600 with tyres not so long ago?

look like they have a renault badge on them tho??

22-12-2006, 19:47
aslong as theres nothing wrong with it id buy it, as that is cheap!, btw it has 182 cup rims on it by looks

22-12-2006, 19:49
172ps(166-168bhp ish)
0-100 in 16/17sec ish
grp 16 insurence

they should be quicker then a williams and gti, althought i could match my mates old cup to 120 ish

matt uk
22-12-2006, 19:52
it is a real cup tho yeah?

why is 182 rims on it? is that a common upgrade?

i thought they were just standard wheels and the guy was making up the rest to "big up" the car

22-12-2006, 19:56
well they didnt make the 182 cup untill 04/05 so can only be a 172 cup, besides it should have no spare wheel, std seats out of a 1.2 no climate control etc just std heater(unless rare cc pack)

i would have never fitted 182 wheels, the cup rims are 10x better!

matt uk
22-12-2006, 20:00
the wheels are included i think

whats a cc pack?

can you sell what its got from the dash pic?

22-12-2006, 20:17
I should imagine it will have 'Cup' on the V5 Matt as the 172 Cup is a proper Cup not a option pack.

That price is a bargain if it's straight and all above board.

CC is Climate Control, u could have it as an option.

22-12-2006, 20:18
cc is climate control, just had a look at the pic it dont have it, theres a control knob, there should be 3 of them on it.

22-12-2006, 20:25
My mates brother has exactly the same car just with 52k on it (and the standard 172 cup rims) and thats up at 5500 so i'd snap that up if i were u! :D

matt uk
22-12-2006, 20:28
nice one think i'll be buying that tomorrow then

sell 106 yay

matt uk
22-12-2006, 20:35
is there an engine mount missing
well the cover i mean looks bare on engine bay

22-12-2006, 21:05
That's a proper cup, just with 182 rims on it.

Matt, for a "car dealer", you're not very clued up are you :roll:

matt uk
22-12-2006, 21:28
the newest car i have ever owned is a V reg

most my cars have been around 1990-1995

this is totally new teritory for me

im not a dealer i just get cars get bored of them and sell em for more

i always buy a car with intention to one day sell it cause i always get bored


Andy P
22-12-2006, 21:34
i always buy a car with intention to one day sell it cause i always get bored


As soon as i go to look at a car i think about selling it. Which is probably wrong :lol:

22-12-2006, 22:07
Bargain mate get it... put the proper alloys back on it though not those narrow shitters - you should be able to sell those and get some cup ones with a tad of cash your way too...

I actually want one for the missus but she always tells me to fook off!


22-12-2006, 22:15
the one matt has posted doesn't have the cup splitter on the front. sure its not just a 172? can any one still do that RAC data base check ??

22-12-2006, 22:16
tho its has 172cup on the door pillars :? im confused lol :lol:

matt uk
22-12-2006, 23:47
is it not a real cup then?

how can i check when view it?

will it say so on log book?

whats the deal with those black headlight cleaners? the 172 cup justin doesnt have them..

22-12-2006, 23:49
i dont know, im not that clued up on them sorry. just know the odd little thing. cliosport would be the best place, just ask on the forum how to spot a 172 cup from a normal 172. otherwise someone will try and steal your bargain lol

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:01
im wondering if its not the cup

or maybe it had a front ender and had the 172 bumper on it cause ive just looked at 20 pics of different 172 cups 52/53 plate and NONE has the headlight washers they all look like the one in your photo

the only ones i could find with headlight washers are the normal 172's

do the cups have ABS???

23-12-2006, 00:06
dont know about abs. ask the seller if the headlight washers work if they do then if defo cant be a cup mate :(

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:09
but they dont seem to do any normal 172's in that year in that colour

im very confused

someone must know the answer to this riddle :(

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:09
in 2002 only cups were that colour wernt they?

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:13
just checked the whole of autotrader and ebay

there only 172 cup's in that colour for the year 2002/2003

it must be a cup

where the washers optional extra or possible fitted after but dont work?

doesnt explain why the splitter isnt there either


23-12-2006, 00:15
maybe had a small bump and just put the same colour bumper of a newer 182 or somethin ?

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:27
look at the cup badge aswell
its too high!

a good 2 inches higher than where the standard one is placed

would it definatly say "cup on he log book " if it was one?

how can it no be a cup in that colour tho?????????????????

DAZ you'll know answer to this yo know everything bout these cars


23-12-2006, 00:29
whats happened to that RA database thingy ? do you have the full reg?

23-12-2006, 00:30
RAC i meant

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:37
aint got the full reg

could you post a link to the photo on cliosport and see what they say about it being a cup or not

i cant get my head around this

im sure DAZ told me that the 172 cup was the only 172 that came in that colour so it must be

182's come in that colour tho but that was 2 years on

plus its got the shitty interior found only on cups

cause 3900 is really cheap cant find any other cups within 1k of that price

23-12-2006, 00:39
IIRC only the cups were made in this colour, only when the 182 came out did they use the colour again.

Cups never had abs - part of the weight saving

I'm pretty sure Cups didn't have xenons or washers just blanks - are they xenons that have been put on afterwards?

The cup badges were just thrown in the car on a lot of them, I heard a few people saying they had to put them on themselves hence the height differences of lots of them, also easy to pinch so possibly replacements

Just ask all the questions you have to the seller he might have an explanation for everything - to me it looks like someone was trying make a 182 clone?

23-12-2006, 00:45
seems too cheap if it is a cup - there is one for sale in a dealership near me for 7495 on a 52 plate.


23-12-2006, 00:47
infact I reckon it is indeed a possible replacement bumper or a clone - theres no front splitter either which I'd bet don't come with replacement bumpers.

No engine cover either again pretty sure the cups didn't for 'more' weight saving purposes..

I'd say thats 99.9% a cup - its the right year, right colour, right interior, wierd about the front bumper but who gives a ****, get some cup blanks and a splitter...

oh and theres two very easy way of checking its not a 182 the year as stated - and how many exhausts does it have?? :lol:

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:49
the car is his brothers as far an im aware
his brother is in the army and been away 6 months

the guy is a family man and well spoken.

so its got to be a cup tpo be in that colour on that year

no way would someone have a full respray would they?

i have checked EVERY cup and not a single one has the washers???

DAZ i thought cups didnt have ABS but apprantly they do??

most are advertised saying they have ABS????????????

check autotrader or ebay in adverts

23-12-2006, 00:51
seems too cheap if it is a cup - there is one for sale in a dealership near me for 7495 on a 52 plate.


Thats a dealer though - ass bandits all of em

23-12-2006, 00:51
actually, i dont think cups have ABS cos on cliosport they always blame the lack of abs for most crashes

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:54
on 80% of the cups on autotrader it says they have abs???????????????

23-12-2006, 00:55
:shock: I read quite a few reviews on the cup back in the day and they said its a brilliant car but the lack of abs made it a tough decision over the 172

Basically for performance (and bollocks to shitty abs anyway) get a cup

For creature comforts get a 172.

As far as I was aware all cups were without abs

Have you asked on cliosport? I'm sure there'll be plenty of cup owners on there that no if they have proper brakes or 'assisted' shitters :lol:

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:57
look on engone bay pic and see if you can see an abs unit

compared to a 172 engine bay pic with abs

matt uk
23-12-2006, 00:59
it like it even has the cup blue coded dash bits and round the dials etc

surely no one would go to that much trouble

23-12-2006, 01:08
Well I was gonna say that - don't take my word as gospal on the abs but its too early for a 182 so rule that out, like you say has the blue around the dials (pretty sure the rest of the range only had silver dash inserts too).

who would respray a 172 blue engine out, take the engine cover off fit cup seats and interior then whack on 182 alloys doesn't make any sense!

Its a cup 8)

23-12-2006, 01:10
182 same colour interior



matt uk
23-12-2006, 01:17
right i took 5x clio cup plates from autotrader and stuck em in rac.co.uk data search

each one came out the same


so if i ring up first thing in morning and get the plate from the guy selling

bang that in website and it comes back as the above

im laughin!

if it doesnt i know im dealing with a replica of some kind


23-12-2006, 01:20
aye. 8) good plan mate. get some sleep on it too :)

23-12-2006, 01:20
bloody good replica then if it is - and still worth considering too at the price

matt uk
23-12-2006, 01:22
and all the clio sports ive tried have come back on the data search as

model:clio sport


model: clio sport 16v

you confident its a cup DAZ im only having it if it is cause i know it'll hold its value so much better

as you say tho WHY would anyone remove front splitter/fit 182 alloys/attach fake headlight washers?????

somethings not right somewhere

daz pm me your mobile number cause i might ring you tomorrow while im there and your knowledge could help me out a hell of a lot if something comes up.

im dreading seeing a abs unit under bonnner now :@

matt uk
23-12-2006, 01:24
main thing to me is its th e cup blue colour so what else can it possibly be?

as daz pointed out all engine bay is right colour too :s

matt uk
23-12-2006, 01:30
if the cup aint got ABS then why is there an ABS light on the dash

bootom left above battery light and below the left indictor light


23-12-2006, 01:48
my mk1 one has an abs light just not used, dw bout it . it just easier to make bulk dashes and not use certain bits

Lee Keefy
23-12-2006, 01:54
took a test drive in one from a nissan dealers last week,it was a 52 with 44000,identical bar for speedlines,same colour and trim, 7495!!!

get it bought pal :lol:

matt uk
23-12-2006, 02:00
what it go like

compared to willy?

23-12-2006, 02:49
The full reg is CK52UNP.

Details from RAC say:

Vehicle details
Manufacturer RENAULT
Colour BLUE
Fuel type PETROL
Date manufactured 20 December 2002
Number of previous owners 4

Is it defo a cup but the bloke said he thinks it might have had a knock at some point, this would explain the wrong front bumper and the out of line bonnet.
Has sold twice on Ebay but both times the buyer has not completed the sale.
I think you could get it for nearer 3.5k
Also, cups didn't have ABS.
And the alloys are crappy aftermarket things.
Your a bit late on this one Matt, i spotted it a few days ago.


matt uk
23-12-2006, 03:06
cheers for the heads up mate much appreciated

i may aswell take a look as its only 10 mins drive from me

i'll repirt back what i find ill have a good look around the front etc


23-12-2006, 03:08
oh god yeh! didn't notice the alloys, only glanced at them and followed suit :oops:

See I fooking knew they didn't have abs.

Just to **** you up they also do the cups in silver :shock: :lol:

23-12-2006, 10:52
cheers for the heads up mate much appreciated

i may aswell take a look as its only 10 mins drive from me

i'll repirt back what i find ill have a good look around the front etc


Thought you had to sell some cars cos you were moving out?


matt uk
23-12-2006, 14:51
i am moving out but pulsar has gone now and the 106 is provisionally sold

plus could make money on this

could all work out ok

Lee Keefy
23-12-2006, 16:18
seems too cheap if it is a cup - there is one for sale in a dealership near me for 7495 on a 52 plate.


Thats a dealer though - ass bandits all of em

they dont put 3 grand on a car!!!

Lee Keefy
23-12-2006, 16:20
what it go like

compared to willy?

never driven a willy but it couldn't get the power down,it was raining tho so couldn't go daft! :(

matt uk
23-12-2006, 17:48
just driven it it IS a cup

pulls to the left slightly
noisey something on gearbox or engine mount when accelaration when driving, noise not there on standstill when giving it a rev.
sounds like grinding or scraping...weird
try'd to get away with tells me it was exhaust lol

definate front ender

fake log book, well half of it was a colour photo copy

on log book notes: substansially repaired in 06/06
basically a cat C write off

also they are really not fast at all!! i'd say a williams was quicker, and williams handles better.

my 106 gti is quicker, i knew that moment i got back in it when leaving.

seriously not impressed

felt cheap inside and very basic, id never pay 6k for a good one theres much better cars out there for that money

offered him 3000 for it just cause i know i could sell it for more.

the guy had a M5 cooper S, both looked MINT and a great big garage/shed/farmhouse

i seriously think he buys damged cars and repairs them and makes $$$ from it.

someone else from here should go have a look and see what they think if their nearby

very very disapointed all round and very very very over rated car in my opinion

only good thing i can say is that they do look very pretty and chicks love them lol

28-12-2006, 12:57
it will have cup on the log book mate i think im not sure about the rest the it looks like its been in a smack

28-12-2006, 12:58
sorry didnt read last post lol :oops:

28-12-2006, 12:59
sorry didnt read last post lol :oops: