View Full Version : Williamsclio European Club Holiday 16.08.07 to 26.08.07

11-12-2006, 12:25
Until we get the main details planned and confirmed this forum will remain locked and used only for updates to the planned trip. There will be a sepeate forum for discussion of the williamsclio club holiday 2007 on the main forum.

The date for our holiday is Thursday 16th of August to Sunday 26th of August 2007 !

I want to keep this all Renault cars please (if possible all williams (but special exceptions can be made when we take pictures). As i think it will be a great feature for a magazine spread.

The planning of this is still in the early stages of completion. So far we have now set the date set in stone !

The holiday planned is as follows.

16.08.07 - 26.08.07 - Williamsclio Club holiday.
Nurburgring trackday (possibly a joint meet with the French clio-williams club.
spa trackday

Dates of the tracktimes, accomodation, insurance and costs will be posted as we progress with the planning.