View Full Version : Got her back finally!

10-02-2005, 12:53
She's spent 2 weeks in the bodyshop for a 2 day job thanks to renault stockport.

After eventually getting a door on the 3rd attempt I picked her up last thursday, only to get 600yds down the road before noticing she had a ph2 mirror!

The bodyshop were unaware of the model changes but when he questioned renault they said the '94L was on the change and they just guessed wrong. Dumbasses didn't suss it was a '93L and that they'd sent out the ph1 door trim, so why would we want a ph2 mirror!

In the end she had a new drivers mirror as well as it was a bit busted and corroded round the edge of the glass.

Great to have her back though. I think the only original panels a re now the rear 3/4 and the tailgate. Maybe the o/s front wing as well!

2 live
10-02-2005, 14:15
ready for more action ow then fella....glad u got her back , hope evrythings ok after such a long lay off lol

10-02-2005, 14:31
I am indeed. Although I have some kind of mystery illness at the mo which is putting me off going for a blast just yet. :(

She's in to the garage next month to investigate the gear whine noise onl left lock at cold. Hope the pump doesn't need replacing! And there seems to be petrol welling up very slowly around the base of the 2 injectors nearest the cam end.

2 live
10-02-2005, 14:33
hhm.....sounds like the petrol pipes to me mate..theyre fukkers the std reno ones ...fukkin prtty dangerous how theyv routed em IMO

10-02-2005, 14:35
I gave them a wiggle when I first spotted it whilst it was running and they seemed ok.

So I cleaned round the injector bases and have been monitoring it. It's just starting to show some residue after 2 months. So it isn't leaking a lot but you can certainly smell it.

10-02-2005, 14:46
Id get them changed soon as pal. Dont want it going up in flames now.

10-02-2005, 14:52
Glad to hear you got it back........****ing valvers and there problems :roll: .....they still rock tho 8)

hope you get it sorted :!:

10-02-2005, 15:00
Id get them changed soon as pal. Dont want it going up in flames now.

That really wouldn't surprise anyone if that happened would it!