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22-11-2006, 23:03
Just trying to catch up on my old clio !?

Any one seen her our bought her ?

449 blue clio N31 EOY

Had some shoddy multi spokes on and a full magnex exhaust with decat pipe on.

Sold her 4 months ago and the garage put her straight into the auctions after giving me 1100 for her.

Miss the pure fun/smile factor about the clio.

Swapped her for a Vectra C GSi 3.0 V6 diesel.

Love it to bits and you can really throw it around.

The thing I miss with the clio is the fact people used to think you where a weedy boy racer with a 1.2 with a stupid boy kit on !!! lol

Owned her for a year without a hitch.

I had to collect it from Essex ! flew down easy jet from Newcastle to Stansted at 5:30 am and rove her back up in 4 hours!

must have covered an easy 15-16k miles in it.

only sold it due to the mileage I had to cover and the fact MOT and Road tax where due in a few days.

Wnted to keep it as a weekend/track car but when ur offered 1100 for it part ex you can't really say no, even more so when you only paid 1050 for it a year before.

any ways enough of my life / clio story!

has anyone seen or got her ? lol

Cheers Mark

PS: still kept me cliowilliams.co.uk keyring ! 8)

22-11-2006, 23:05
[quote="mr.valver"]I had to collect it from Essex ! flew down easy jet from Newcastle to Stansted at 5:30 am and rove her back up in 4 hours!quote]


I flew from Stanstead to Newcatle at the same time in the morning to collect my new valver lol :shock:

22-11-2006, 23:08
fella! was this the valver that had PUMP HILL GARAGE CLACTON under the registration number??? i remember you from ages ago! (if your the same person i think you are??

22-11-2006, 23:09






22-11-2006, 23:16
Na, Made my own plates at work.

Had cliosspots.net on the bottom.

I did my little misson 5th of Nov last year.

Was the best drive of my life.

Taken on Audi A4 tdi's and everything on the A1.

Funny thing is everyone thought I was stupid doing it.

Sold my V plate Focus 1.8 3 door zetec for it got good money for that 2.

Always said I would have a clio 16v since I was 14 and my cousin had a silver one.

Fell in love with them from then.

Finally got one after my focus.



Those are pics of how the car was sold.





The Focus I sold :roll:

22-11-2006, 23:18
that looks nice!!