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28-04-2005, 15:15
Is it me or have other people noticed the prices are starting to creep back up.....quite a few in the Trader etc...£4k+???

28-04-2005, 15:18
With a car as scarce as the Williams, it only takes a few at a higher price than usual, then the price of the majority will rise. Likewise, if a few people advertised their cars cheaper than the normal, others would follow to get a sale. With the numbers of members on here, we could fix the prices of Williams up a treat if we wanted to..... just all advertise our cars for £6 to £7k, and the prices of the Williams owned by "the public" would follow to match

28-04-2005, 15:19
Yes they are. I agree. I think in a year an average condition Williams will be worth the same as an equivalent mileage 172.

80k - 4.5 to 5 k

28-04-2005, 15:20
Just look at Series 1 RS Turbos, they dropped quite low about 4 or 5 years ago, but they're all back up for £3 to £4k+ plus now

28-04-2005, 15:24
Theyll also go up in price as the general public ones get crashed / fall apart, it will be just enthusiasts who are die hard owners to control prices. As the enthusiasts is less likely to sell low to achieve a sale the cars value will creap up.

28-04-2005, 16:03
can i class mine as a williams 3 ? it is a full scale replica... i have removed abs though...

i thought i'd bring the one i saw dead in the scrappers back 2 life.

Rust In Peace

28-04-2005, 16:05
Yours will be a bigger fake then mine :roll:

28-04-2005, 16:15
yours isnt a fake, its one of a kind.. one of the dark clan.

28-04-2005, 16:19
lol......make yours your own, willys suck anyway :wink:

28-04-2005, 16:20
lol.. not much i can do with out spending needless brass.. might invest in a new bonnet and have some lurves stamped in.