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27-04-2005, 21:02
Just a quick one, ever since i've been replacing my engine oil every 4k with 10/40 shell stuff it seems to have brought the engine temps down a fair bit???

Now when up to temp around town it sits at in between 60*C and 80*C,

On the motorway doing normal 70, sits at 80*C or slightly above,

Then when hamering it it sits at about 100*C.

So is this a good thing, also my oil pressure is normally slightly higher from cold start on fresh oil and after hammering it and up to temp at iddle it's just above 0 bar, any benifits?

Is this ok and how it should be running?


J o n
27-04-2005, 21:11
Danny, i've got it on very good advice that oil starts to get to the point of being useless and used up at 120+ degrees, so yours is absolutely perfect by the sounds of it. As a general rule you use a thicker grade of oil as the miles rack up, I used 5w 40 in mine when I first got it and it was fine, but using the exact same oil on 70k it was heating up more, pressure was lower (zero at idle), so went to 10w 40 semi and pressure increased slightly and temps went down.
Your pressure if same as mine will be 3-4 on start, dependent on weather it seems and when driven will go upto 5ish until it's warmed up proper. To be honest it sounds absolutely perfect as it is now m8, different oils have different tolerances, the Shell Helix stuff seems pretty damn good tho, better than the Silkolene shite I was using before... and dont even get me started on Castoral Magnatec... I find the Shell Helix and Costco's cheapo stuff is actually the best oil I've used so far... which has almost bee a different brand each time... I've settled on 10w 40 semi tho now from Costco.

27-04-2005, 22:17
Mine does the same as yours Jesus, although mine has done about 120K+, I use 5w 40 Mobil 1, with no probs. I've never truly understood the ins and outs of oil grades, except that Mobil 1 was rated as one of the best for performance engines. I suspect its more important to have regular oil changes together with using a good oil filter, and keeping your oil topped up as more crucial than the grade.

My old man thinks that fully synthetic is a pile of bollocks, thankfully oil is quite cheap here. He still uses the cheapest with no probs!

J o n
27-04-2005, 23:46
well i'll be using semi from now on i think, smells less and lasts longer.

as far as grades go i'd just use whatever keeps the temps lower and pressure nice and steady, i found changing manufacturer made more of a difference than grade in some instances... for example magnatec, temps were very high and so was pressure... too high. worst stuff ive ever used, my m8's scooby ran like a bag of shit on that stuff too.

28-04-2005, 00:11
on start up where should pressure needele be? and when warm and idling it sit on just above 0 or 1 this normal?

J o n
28-04-2005, 07:57
i'd say that anything between 3-5 on start is normal, as when I used thinner grade oil before I went to 10w 40 it was 5 on start, but wouldn't go up any... once warm between 0-1 is pretty normal. My pals valver sits right at zero when fully warm with temps about 100... but when he boots his it goes to 120+, so really he needs some thicker oil in there imo!

28-04-2005, 11:05
cheers jebus, i was thinking it's getting better, as long as it's warming up properly and not going to high then Im happy!

What happened with yours when the oil pump when pal?

J o n
28-04-2005, 12:48
yeah, well yours sounds perfect to me m8... I always take great interets in other people oil temps and pressures, as I wanted to know what was the best temp/pressure to run at... seem to have found it now!

basically I was en-route to the RR day and got onto J18 on the M60/62, went to J19 to turn round to get to the other side of birch services and the oil pressure went to nothing... thought it was a faulty gauge, but I was on the slip road anyway by this point. coming onto the RA and the oil warning light came on and it started sounding very coarse... then the oil boiled it's arse off... switched it off after that. bit of a shitter, but it's almost sorted now...

28-04-2005, 13:00
thank god mate, that sounds well nasty, you'll have to take some pics of the engine once the old ones out, to see if there is any damage, will there be?

29-04-2005, 00:06
oil temps sound fine to me.....

29-04-2005, 01:17
Now when up to temp around town it sits at in between 60*C and 80*C,
On the motorway doing normal 70, sits at 80*C or slightly above,
Then when hamering it it sits at about 100*C.
Is this ok and how it should be running?

Looks OK.

I think the oil temp also depends on the water radiator thermostat. I have a 91C/82C thermostat, which makes the oil temp mostly sit around 85C. But with hard driving the oil temp gets close top 100C. When I had a 82C/68C thermostat, the oil temp behaved almost exactly like yours.

29-04-2005, 08:37
Yer im now running the low temp thermo and fan switch from bb so think that has helped keep them lower!