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10-11-2006, 13:42
is the meet in december a members only as i`d love to come in my 16v and have a rallyround and get to see a nice selection of top class williams hatchbacks i`ve had mine lowered cat back exhaust magnex pipercross what bhp would you reckon its now pushing out

10-11-2006, 14:10
Hello mate, I'm sure you will be welcome at the meet :)

As for the power, I wouldn't expect anythnig more than standard 137bhp.
The exhaust will help free up a few but on their own do verry little.

The piperX will be loosing you power, The MK1 F7 bays create loads of heat, anf the IK is right in the middle of it all picking up all that cold air.

Do a search and you will fine hundreds of replys like this;

Get yourself the original air box on with a decent panel filter like ITG, then get a decent air fit from the front of the car and connect it directly to the air box.
I have just done this on mine, at the mo the pipe (80mm CAF) is just where the fog light goes, but i will get a scoop for it soon.
With the cold weather it feels amazing!!!

Do this, get a de-cat and I think you would be happy!

10-11-2006, 14:12
DAM no edit button :evil:
Will teach me for not reading before submiting the post!

Ment to say HOT air from the engine bay, and air FEED, plus correct any spelling mistakes :!:

10-11-2006, 14:26
thanx i may try that although the piper cross does sound meaty lol
is the meet still going ahead on the 3rd then
where nd when is the exact metting point and time

11-11-2006, 15:14
yes your welcome to the meet mate, ive posted on your other thread too, 3rd december 1pm at the old post office pub :)