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25-10-2006, 18:32
i no this has been asked before sorry.

basically i dont wanna be driving the williams in the snow/ice over winter

so what im gonna do, is buy a fiat cheeky chenko if you no what i mean!
my m8 got one had the head gasket done and its got 12 months mot and tax. i can get it 4 what hes spent on it which is minimal.

so what i was gonna do is re-insure the williams next month with bell and theyve given me the option of driving another car third party only for an extra 40 on the policy.

is this worth doing.

or dont re-insure the williams in november. but insure the fiat. then re-insure the williams on my 20th b-day in jan?


25-10-2006, 19:35
depends if you could live without driving it untill your 20!

i have the bug eye and williams on seperate policys with different companys as it works out less then any 2 car quote ive had!

25-10-2006, 19:59

my track car is insured for 3000miles a year. enough to get me to a few track days!

my polo is insured with another company, and works out the best option, although i cant use the ncb for it.

25-10-2006, 20:08
If your not gonna insure the williams, insure it for theft only at least.

25-10-2006, 20:23
if you insure on two seperate policies would that mean you get two seperate no claims?
i.e Insure golf with churchill with my current no claims and then start a new policy for the valver with elephant?

25-10-2006, 20:31
yes, i have 6 years ncd on the williams and almost 3 years ncd on the bug eye

25-10-2006, 22:52
well i want to insure the williams fully comp and on that policy i will be able to drive any other car third party ie the fiat

that should be ok right???

ive had two separate quotes. williams 1500 ish fiat 500 ish

but im only gna be driving the fiat for 2-3 months.... then i may c what engine i can cram in that little bay :wink:

26-10-2006, 00:27
if ur only driving it third party off your other policy then it wont be covered if someone steals it...
I think having 2 policies is a good idea then you can build no claims and have 2 cars insured dirt cheap....

26-10-2006, 10:16
i've got my hybrid, and i've also got a punto gt!

i use my clio as daily car and then my gt as a track/ burn people off car :lol: but now my clio is faster than my gt :lol: no surprise, i'm now going to break my gt :D and proberbly buy meself an astra gsi

26-10-2006, 10:42
check on your insurance policy, cos on mine I can drive any car third party, but not if the car is in my name.

best to get two policys...

26-10-2006, 10:44
think if you check - the other car will have to be insured!

26-10-2006, 13:00
think if you check - the other car will have to be insured!

i thought that too.

26-10-2006, 14:40
i thought it just had to be registered to another person?

will find out