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24-10-2006, 16:25
F7R Eprom for Williams or Hybrid
burnt on to one of the fastest eproms availiable.

Standard Williams with ik decat stainless zorst
Smoother driving experience,
torque increase
bhp increase
backfiring & flames *depending on mods n exhaust
greater pulling up the rev range
7100 rev limit -soft limiter conversion
The kick is removed to produce smooth revving from 0-limiter

For Cams let me know what set you have, as i have a map for piper and a map for kent fast road cams.

I have an 8k mapped chip for standard willies..i wouldnt utiliose this unless BE is strengthened!

20 for Williams Clio Members, + 2 postage.--Bargain...fitting is easy for TV/electrical engineers....

paying that just for the limiter increase is a good price and will keep you going until you save for a 400 custom engine remap..

For 30 posted I will include my latest gimmic which is the safe chip change modification:

this is soldered in then the bar is raised to change ecu maps etc....
I have deleted the MOT map but am in the process of aquiring it....(as used by me to pass MOT)

Further developments for the future include a switchable ECU so you can flick a switch from the dash to change the limiter.--however this wont be availible just yet..

N reg valver ECU--im curently testing a mod which will enable N reg valvers to run a 2.0l map.. results by next week. just for info purposes you cant remove an N reg ecu and place it in another valver and expect it to work, the ecu communicates with an in car immobiliser unit which is matched to the ecu unit :-(

29-10-2006, 19:34
trump :whip:

29-10-2006, 19:55
im an electrical engineering apprentience ill fit 4 who ever Buys :lol:

29-10-2006, 20:03
u do one for cams n all matey? may well be interested!

30-10-2006, 18:24
I'll have one can u pm me ur adddress etc so i can send a cheque or what ever cheers Sam

30-10-2006, 18:33
get a map sorted out for us who have valvers without ecu coded immobilisers and i'll have one off you mate

30-10-2006, 18:59
same here want a chip for my valver 2 :lol:

31-10-2006, 15:51
i really want one of these for my ph1 valver if u wanna do one i dont even mind being a tester bunny for free tho (when my conversion is finished)