View Full Version : Nurbergring 24th June

26-04-2005, 13:46
Anyone else want to come?

Pay half petrol.
Pay half Ferry.

Should be a cheap 4 days of super car spotting.

J o n
26-04-2005, 14:13
would love to but money's a bit tight as you can imagine! lol

26-04-2005, 14:23
Money schmuny. Get a credit card.

26-04-2005, 15:09
This is the deal:

Leave Friday 24th June.

Drive to hotel. Stay night of 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th. Come back Tuesday 28th June.

Ferry - £60 per car (£30 per person)
Hotel - about £30 a night for a twin
Petrol - £200 per car (£100 each)

So excluding food i think the price of the trip will be about £190 to £200. I reakon add another £100 tops for food and drink as Gernamy is pretty cheap.

I am taking 0200 and anyone is welcome to get a lift and come along

26-04-2005, 22:55
My god...im going to be there at that time.

i'll get u on msn