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26-04-2005, 13:20
Right, my car is going in for a service next week and I'm changing the oil from Mobil 1 due to the extortionate prices (£35 for 4 litres - £11 for 1 litre top ups, give me a break!!) Normally I buy stuff for the willy regardless of cost, but Mob1 seriously piss me off with their 4L bottles (and then a seperate 1L for oil changes, it can't be that much better then other synthetic oils can it?) Plus it's so difficult to get hold of, the only place I've been able to source it is Halfords. I've heard people on here say they use Total Quartz 9000 fully syn which is the same as Elf oil, what grade do you recommend, I'm currenty using 15W/50 Mob1, which was recommended by the previous owner, but to be honest the car runs like shit at idle (not sure if it's to do with the oil but never runs smoothly until it's warmed up), and I've been told a few times this oil is too thick?

Help would be much appreciated!

PS sorry about the rant

26-04-2005, 13:23
i think i'm using 10/40, but i know some people use 5/40 :?

not sure what's best though

26-04-2005, 13:24
15/50 does sound a bit thick.

I usually run my 19 16v's on 5/40, or if they get a bit tappety, i change to 10/40.

Not yet changed the oil on my Williams, but have been topping it up with 10/40 semi-synthetic which is what its always had for the last 3 years at least and it always runs smooth on that, even from cold

Not sure what grade Renault recommend though

26-04-2005, 13:46
My valver is running on 10w 40 the elf stuff recommended by renault, but will be changing to 5w 40 soon fully synth

26-04-2005, 14:26
Mobil 1 is crap at higher temperatures

I'm running Silkoline Prs S as recommended by Brun over on ClioSport, running 10W50 IIRC in the RSi

26-04-2005, 14:52
Millers is where its at. I have run all our cars on Millers for years. Not only is it better than Mobil 1 I can also supply it substantially cheaper than retail prices.

I use Millers most expensive oil (CFS 10w/60fully synth) which we supply at £27 for 5 litres. Although its not the most suited for normal road temps, mine spends such a long time at high rpm with high oil temps and its always performed superbly.

On average our prices our approx 30% cheaper than retail and we stock everthing Millers do.

26-04-2005, 15:17
Mark, what's the difference between 10W/60 and 10W/40?? What would you recommend for normal road use? How do I go about ordering this from you mate?

26-04-2005, 15:23
10W60 runs to a higher temp. The first no. relates to viscosity IIRC.

26-04-2005, 20:20
yeah what have you got in the way of 5w 40 fully synth ?

26-04-2005, 21:01
I use 5w 40 Mobil 1, and it operates fine at high temps, it also costs only £16 for 4 litres here in France!

28-04-2005, 22:33
Duckhams QXR semi is fine and fitted inc filter for 20 quid at National Tyres. Use Total Quartz 7000 semi for top ups as cheap from GSF in 4/5 litre size.

Have recently used Castrol RS but feel a little thin at 0w40. Have Mobil 1 Motorosport to try next as have a few 4 litre containers bought cheap of ebay but would consider Millers or Silkolene which can be bought cheap if you look. Total Quartz 9000 fully synthetic from GSF would also be worth looking at.

29-04-2005, 00:45
will be switching to Silkolene Pro S 10w50 fully synth very shortly due to the mobil 1 crap burning off to much, way to thin... a guy sells silkolene on ebay for 5quid per litre!!!! pretty good i think, better prices than opieoils anyway.