View Full Version : membership cancelling

26-04-2005, 11:43
Today I took it upon myself to call the head office of Esporta Gyms and complain as to why they hadnt cancelled my membership, and why they took 4 direct debit payments out.
They were very unhelpful...luckily i had my law text book and quoted a few acts and sections of trade law.... and now i have been refunded £150.
least i can buy my clutch now..lol.

26-04-2005, 12:09
lol good lad gunner! well if you don't know the law you'd be in the wrong job!

26-04-2005, 13:46
Thats why he has a book :wink:

27-04-2005, 00:26
to read road traffic law when im giving you advice :-p