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Smokey McPot
17-10-2006, 12:49
From another forum

I do wish the government wouldn't make out like they're trying to make the roads safer when in reality it's just to line their pockets.

Speeding isnt the problem for majority of the time, it's irresponsible drivers who dont know how to drive or handle a car properly. I'll often go over a desginated speed limit, not by a huge amount, but I do it because I know I am an excellent driver, yet still fully aware of everything going on around me so that I'm not putting anyone in danger.

This is SO SO SO annoying. He's only 18 too.

17-10-2006, 12:53
tell him he's a C.U.N.T from the boys over at WC :lol:

J o n
17-10-2006, 12:53
he should be killed... imo of course

Andy P
17-10-2006, 13:02
he should be killed... imo of course


17-10-2006, 13:06
Hes such an excellent driver with all that experiance :screwy:

Bet he drives a saxo!

17-10-2006, 13:08
yet still fully aware of everything going on around me

send him this
i collect them fridays


bet he didnt see taht 1 coming

Smokey McPot
17-10-2006, 14:13
more here - http://www.gamufi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13179

17-10-2006, 17:23
what a bunch of knobs, do they really think its Big to boat about speeding excessivly and drink driving!!!!!

what a bunch of cocks!!!!

17-10-2006, 17:26

standard willy
17-10-2006, 20:35
twat :!:

17-10-2006, 21:02
Its idiots like these that run into inncoent motorists like the rest of us.


19-10-2006, 12:24
wat a grade A C.O.C.K. as if he thinks hes an excellent driver at 18. im only 19 but i kno iv still got loads to learn n hardly ne experience compared to some most people on here. n yea i agree bet he drives a saxo or a corsa, bummer