View Full Version : Little bro borrows car and shows mates how its done.....

17-10-2006, 07:03
Hi all, funny store to tell ya, recently i have put my younger brother on my insurance for my williams2, he uses it more than me as he does less miles...

He went out with a large group of mates and one has a mrk4 turbo Golf which he thinks the world of, anyway he just recieved a shiney new expensive induction kit from the states and was putting his car thru its paces on the night out....

So at a traffic light gran prix style duel, lil bro obliterated him in my clio.... by a long way apparently... I thought the golf would hold its own to be honest....

Happy days

17-10-2006, 07:26
You let your bro race your williams :shock: :shock: :shock:

You must trust him alot. I wouldnt put my bro on my insurance :P

Andy P
17-10-2006, 10:43
Both 150bhp, one is under 1 tonne, 1 is nearly 1.5 tonne's.

You do the maths, nice result :P

17-10-2006, 13:51
Why not let bro use the car? you only live once and its no rare Ferrari!

I know the golf is heavier but it goes so well thought it would be a better race than it was but hey im not complaining....

17-10-2006, 14:11
Anyone whos legal can have a crack in my valver or my 172, ive never been shy about letting people have a play. There only french shite at the end of the day :D

Oh and nice one for your bro showing the Golf whos the daddy 8)