View Full Version : Cooper S Works vs Evo4

25-04-2005, 21:32
Yeh right you stupid plick in your crappy (shouldnt be called) Mini.

As well as the Evo being faster, handling better, and more powerful its not gay.

Its a Mini whooping.

25-04-2005, 22:37
Sure he was trying? I heard nothing can beat a mini. :roll:

25-04-2005, 22:46
I had a bit of a scare against a new Mini Cooper (not S) the other day. Caught me unawares and beat me coming off a roundabout, so I caught him up and showed him what a proper hot hatch can do :lol: Needless to say he soon became a spec in the rear view mirror!

25-04-2005, 23:45
Sure he was trying? I heard nothing can beat a mini. :roll:

And they sound like a big lorry trying to rear-end my car - when trying to catch up. Really irritating grinding noises.

26-04-2005, 19:32
I had a blast at a cooper s the other day down some fast country lanes in the valver(1.8). kept with it alright where it mattered. On the straightish bits it pulled on me like a 172 does. Not much but noticable like.I bet its still upsetting for him though seeing me in his mirror after a few miles of proper thrashing in my 2k car. :D

28-04-2005, 09:29
I had a blast against a Cooper S once. I beat him from the lights with the missus in the car. He was by himself. He was revving the nuts off, so was trying hard. Only reason I stopped was because the gear knob came off in my hand as I changed up... :oops: