View Full Version : Front hubs.

23-04-2005, 19:43
As above with ball joint. Left & right.


24-04-2005, 12:53
are the bearings ok in these hubs, and what is the reason you have removed them???
any pictures?
can you remove the bottomball joint prior to sale....

24-04-2005, 18:48
I can remove the ball joint no probs. I believe the bearing to be in good condition, I only bought these from Infinicar this week so I use the ABS sensors.

25-04-2005, 00:18
can u test that the thread is still in for the disc screws...??

26-04-2005, 01:40
I will also do that as soon as I get a sec. If i remember the heads were sheared off, however I shoudl be able to remove and re-tap the threads.

26-04-2005, 02:20
yeah a common prob... mine are jsut pure hole as opposed to threaded holes..:-|

big hp
26-04-2005, 12:37
Use a helicoil insert in your hubs then if thats all thats wrong with them Gunner.

27-04-2005, 01:14
ahh the helicoils of doomus

completely forgot about the hole threading saviours...
Brun.. i do loook forward to the beast unleashing.