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22-06-2006, 20:29
right as you may well know i have another car only for work tho. and im trying to get the cheapest as chips insurance going for it! well ive asked my insurer to send me my proof of 4 years NCB and they replied saying that "we cannot release your no claims bonus as its being used on your
current policy with us" what the ****??? so ive got to start from scratch with no no claims bonus if i take out a second policy for my second car??? after 4 faultless years of driving im being punished again!!! surely they can use them no claims on both cars????

22-06-2006, 20:31
I'd read a few insurance threads where people have had to start fresh on a second car mate, surely it can't be much to insure the panda though?

22-06-2006, 20:32
new policy = new start mate i'm afraid

22-06-2006, 20:34
You cannot use 1 set of no claims bonus on 2 cars.

However, some companies offer to mirror your no-claims bonus giving you an introductory bonus and then after the first year it goes from the mirrored amount down to 1 year at 35% discount.

Alot of companies need 5 years or more for this but alot do it on the basis that you own 2 cars.

But to the question you ask, no, you cant use one set of No Claims on 2 cars.


22-06-2006, 20:36
yup i have the same problem on my cars too paul, you just need to start a new policy or some places let you put it on your current one at a reduced rate, could be worth checking out admiral multi car quote i did that with mine and they gave me a decent quote was 100 quid less then adrian flux on the clio alone

22-06-2006, 20:39
cheers guys! thats ****ed me off now tho! ****in wanna get every last penny out of ya!!!! i will have to ring round at the weekend!

22-06-2006, 20:47
try quoteline. cheapest for me

22-06-2006, 20:50
cheers guys! thats f**ked me off now tho! F***IN wanna get every last penny out of ya!!!! i will have to ring round at the weekend!

Ring me tomorrow mate, Ill try and sort you out with thew 2nd car discount. I deal with quite a few insurers that do it. I cant guarantee anything but hopefully I can help you.

Ring me on 0113 260 8337 and ask for mike.


22-06-2006, 20:51
whens the best time mate????

22-06-2006, 21:00
Any time you like my good man!!

If you do it before I have my cuppa when I start at 9 though I'll come n hunt you down! lol


22-06-2006, 21:02
9am....fooking hell day is half over by then :lol:

22-06-2006, 21:05
k mate may be late late afternoon tho! when i get in as ive only got a toy (pay as you go) phone. will ring on house fone :D

22-06-2006, 21:07
Well ring me and ill ring you back lol...

I shut at 5:30pm, but we provisionally shut at 4:30pm on fridays lol, if ya know what i mean ;)


22-06-2006, 21:08
fair do's mate! will do that! cheers!!!!! :D

23-06-2006, 11:35
keep us posted on this fatboy...

im thinking of getting a shitter for next year down in edin.... :wink:

23-06-2006, 18:46
foned mikey and i got a better deal... gonna ring him tomorrow to set it up and pay my deposit!! :D

23-06-2006, 21:35
what deals can u do for the rest of us then mikey? :wink:

23-06-2006, 21:49
I can only try.

If anyone wants me to try for em then all ya have to do is ring me.


23-06-2006, 22:25
will do mikey....what days and times you work?

prob be able 2 fone about 12.30 when im on my dinner at work