View Full Version : FAO Cycling People - How Light Is Light?

22-04-2005, 10:39
Right, i've been cycling to work a lot lately and i've hit a wall time wise for my journey - basically because my MTB weighs a bloody ton!!

Now, i'm thinking of building a new one - obviously lighter and was wondering if someone could tell me what sort of weight for components i should be looking at to create a good bike (i.e frame/forks/crank etc)? I'll only want front suspension on this one...


22-04-2005, 10:51
Racing bike is the way to go.

My firend has one you can pick up with a little finger.

22-04-2005, 10:53
well, my dads offered me one but i like being able to belt accross parks/jump off kerbs etc so would like to stick with MTB...

22-04-2005, 14:21
Component wise dont worry too much about weight, any general shimano or SRAM groupset will be reasonable... its only the top-range stuff like XTR/9.0SL thats full composite materials and the like :P

Best to rememeber the most weight of a bike is made up from the wheels, find some nice lightweight rims and hubs!

If your not looking to spend a fortune 4get disks and just get some V's... Use the money u save for some good forks, i got a set of PACE RC36 Type R's a few months back (Last years model) for £270, RRP is £450!!

Hope that helps, need any more advice give us a shout :P


22-04-2005, 14:47
Well, this is the bike i've been using (see pic below) - as you can see it's not the lightest or the best quality but i'm skint (as always) so looks like i'm stuck with it!

Been having a think and i think i'm going to upgrade the crankset as a) it's sold steel so weighs a ton and b) doesn't seem to be geared ideally for me. I'm quite tall so i'm going to swap to a 180mm crank and i'm also going to get some oval chain rings so there'll be 'easy spots' when rotating.

Thanks for the advice...probably start saving some pennies for something better in the near future...


22-04-2005, 16:59
Bikes suck.

I choose to drive if my journey involves going any further than the end of my drive. :roll:

22-04-2005, 17:29
lol i used to enjoy nothing more that flying down some rough terrain on the bike avoiding stacking it into a tree but i simply don't have the time/money anymore!
i guess you fly down rough terrain avoiding trees in the car though mark :P

2 live
26-04-2005, 00:21
its been a while since i did any serious mtb ing. but the average weights for a x country full susser were between 5 and 7 lb for frame only

apparantly the orange bikes are very good now

26-04-2005, 02:18
i used to race mtb, however anything sub 18lbs was considered gud mid nineties

26-04-2005, 15:31
I'll get some pics and weigh my bike tonight for you.

26-04-2005, 20:16
Many thanks for the replies folks...been getting into it over the past week or so and i'm already loving the improvement...the spare tyre of a stomach i had is all but gone now which is nice! Will be putting ideas for a new bike on hold though...getting a second job to help save for another 16v at the end of the year...