View Full Version : ******URGENT- Opening a mk1 bonnet********

21-06-2006, 18:30
That wont open with the catch, a new one has just been put on and now the guy cant open it. How do we get round it?!


21-06-2006, 20:07
A pickaxe.


21-06-2006, 21:45
Might be able to get to the catch from underneath and remove the 2 bolts holding it ot the car, not gonna be easy tho, find someone with long arms

21-06-2006, 22:03
When im removing my bonnet on my own, im able to reach up between the grille and bonnet and undo the four bolts holding the front of the bonnet down, using a spanner...Maybe once this has been done, it might be easier to access other parts of the engine bay??

21-06-2006, 22:54
What new part was fitted, Catch or bonnet?


22-06-2006, 15:36
i would have sed what dan sed! if u have to chop summit chop the grill then undo the four bolts, will be easier to get to the catch then


24-06-2006, 11:33
when this happens at our work get the catch pull off so you can hold the cable by hand put some grips on it then pull on them at the same time as someone pulls on the opening end of the bonnet and normaly bingo or it ia a hammer and chisel job

26-06-2006, 18:34
It was a new bonnet but turned out to have a bent hinge on it. So I put loads of pressure on and my mate pulled the cable and taht worked. It was a shagger anyway so didnt buy it!