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20-06-2006, 19:01
sorry i know its not a garage or a Renault dealer as such but need to tell you anyways!!

Now ive had absolutly no problems with demon tweeks before when ordering through their catalogue, the item has always arrived withing a few day, but it seems to be when ordering from shows/events ect that they have a problem with deliveries/orders

more to the story, the missus really wanted a strut brace for her 106 so we decided to have a look round French car show, we found a few stalls and they were quite cheap but their expected deivery date was 28 days!

The last stall we came up to was demon tweeks, and as per usual there were a few cocky sailsmen there trying to flog their stuff, we asked how much the strut brace for the 106 was, they told us the price.............it was £10 more exspensive than all the other companies but we were garunteed it by the end of the week, and she really wanted it ASAP!!

so decided to order the strut brace from them, a week later and no strut brace, so waited a few more day, still nothing!!

We rang them up and the woman on the other end said "im sorry but theres a delay you wont be getting anything till the end of next week".........................THANKS FOR LETTING US KNOW!!!!!!!

so waited another week and still nothing, Lauren decided to ring them today and had a major debate over the fone explaining what the sailsmen told her and what is actually happening, she was a right snotty cow..................in the end the women siad that they had some sparco ones in, lauren asked if shed get it for the same price........."SORRY BUT WE CANT DO THAT".........right want our money back lol

sorry might be boring you but just thought id tell you to be carful waht the salesmen are telling you when ordering through demon tweeks @ shows!!!!!!!

20-06-2006, 19:10

20-06-2006, 19:11
I have to say I feel very let down, I wouldnt have minded if they hadnt have told me that the delivery would be within a week!!

When I spoke to the woman today,who then told me my strut brace would be delivered in another 2 weeks,I demanded to speak to a manager at which she replies " there are no managers in today!" I told her that I was let down with the poor customer service that I was given and she then proceeded to say "what do you want me to do then?"...........Give me my ****ing money back biatch!!! :twisted:

20-06-2006, 19:12
Sorry to hear that mate

I recently had a new SPA digital speedo supplied and fitted by Demon Tweeks and there was absolutely no problem, very helpful, fitted in 3 hours (only charged me for 2 hours labour tho) and showed a real interest in the Williams and asked me questions about it. Altho this was through their main showroom, not a stall...

21-06-2006, 01:15
:( just get ya money back
gone are the days of customer service

im not as old as i sound lol

21-06-2006, 23:58
What p**ses me off with this shower,and to a lesser degree other mail order shops ~~ If I need something desparate ~~ I am quiet prepared to pay for express delivery guaranteed within 24 hrs :cry: :wink: , theN about one week,ten days later ~~ ring and say were is my item :twisted: :twisted: " Ah just been despatched should be with you tomorrow "~~~ no amount of slagging off etc will get the express fee back ~~~ T**SERS !!! :twisted: :twisted: