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20-06-2006, 16:24
Hi lads cheers for your advice so far ordered a dog bone mount its guna be here thursday so we'll see how that goes, just wondered, if I take my car for servicing what exactly will be done. Oil change, new filter and what else? Is it worth paying for? Thanks, Rob

20-06-2006, 20:11
When i took my valver to Renault for a service early on in the year, for cars over 3 years old, they offered either Gold, Silver or Bronze services, and the level of work done went up with each type - gold being the most expensive (cambelt/aux belt/oil/plugs etc etc)

I'll try and dig out the leaflet and see what each service costs and involves..

Dunno if thats the same for all Renault garages though...

20-06-2006, 22:52
Typically just ya usual checks and i would recommend changin:

Every 06k: Oil & Filter
Every 12k: Oil & Filter & Spark Plugs/Air Filter
Every 32k: Oil & Filter & Spark Plugs/Air Filter, All Fluids & Belts

I do the oil every 3k but im picky and i think reno only say the cambelt needs doing every 72k but again i wouldn't!! 8-[

Also i wouldn't leave brake fluid more than two years and cambelt no more than five... :P

20-06-2006, 23:35
IMO services are never worth paying for if you have the time/knowledge/Haynes Manual to do it yourself. Ya average basic dealership service costs circa £100 and involves changing the oil and filter, and checking the fluids. they'll probably check the belts too. Though most mechanics probably wouldn't bother checking the cam belt because that involves actually doing some work to get to it.

Now I can open a few caps and look at a belt and it won't bloody cost £100! :roll:

I'd seriously reccomend buying a Haynes (or even borrowing from the library) and checking everything yourself. The Haynes even gives you a service schedule to use. Then, if there's something that needs doing that you can't fix yourself, take it to a reputable garage to do - not necesarily Renault either. Just cuz they where Renault overalls they're still no more competant/honest than anyone else.

The only thing I don't really bother with myself is oil changes. Changing oil is easy enough, but getting to the filter is a PITA without a lift. Plus you've gotta get rid of the oil properly afterwards.

20-06-2006, 23:44
Plus you've gotta get rid of the oil properly afterwards.


GRID :roll:

20-06-2006, 23:50
^^ Everytime someone pours oil down the drain, a dolphin dies :) I'm gonna get Green Peace on you!

21-06-2006, 00:11
^^ Everytime someone pours oil down the drain, a dolphin dies :) I'm gonna get Green Peace on you!

More tuna for me then :wink:

21-06-2006, 00:36
LOL... the filters arnt hard to get too - u just need small hands :lol:

And u know most council tips have oil vats for recycling oil... dont cost owt! :P

21-06-2006, 07:58
The filters arent hard to get to when you have a pit.

But they are a bloody pain in the arse to get off when they appear to have welded themselves to the bloody engine :evil:

21-06-2006, 08:50
i used to take my valver to renault religiously to keep my frsh up, went to ats a couple of days after the car had been in for a servce, had a mate who worked there, he asked had my car beeen into renault for something the other day, as it had been getting ragged up and down the street off some spotty little twat, who was ment to be servicing the fooker!

didn't go back as of then,

ps. my valver was only a few years old then


21-06-2006, 12:08
Bill, exactly why i wouldn't take my car to any garage i dont know or trust!

Last time I took my car to an "F1 Auto Center" some twat decided to nick my CD's!.