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21-04-2005, 19:08
I was bored a while ago so I decided to fit an open induction kit that I had in the shed...it sounded really nice. But today on the way home from work I decided to hammer it down one of my favourite testing straights and the car felt very sluggish indeed with no top end pull.. :o

Got home and put the stnd airbox back on and sorted a cold air feed that was pointing in the wrong direction..Sorted! the difference is VERY noticeable :)

21-04-2005, 20:08
Yep, very good.
I had a Green induction kit on my Williams 3.. and any kind of warmeth, and it really zapped it - specially midrange.. felt like it had no pull at all at any revs.

Finally got a standard item on.. and it was *amazing*... heh, ok, no noise (well, just normal noise).. but who cares?! It's nice to be able to move.

21-04-2005, 21:22
I was thinking of coating my standard airbox with some sort of heat reflective material. tbh i dont care how crap it "looks" under the bonnet, if it has any effect to intake temps it would be worthwhile... will have to see... hmm, wot u guys think?

21-04-2005, 21:23
Don't think it'll make much difference..

It has a cold air feed, and I doubt protecting it from heat would keep it much cooler.

21-04-2005, 21:24
the standard airbox's work great....would be nice to see how restrictive they are and run a engine with no box on the rollers....see how much bhp you loose.

21-04-2005, 21:25
tr00, but a reel of heat reflective tape costs about 5quid and thats enough to do ch00bing+box.. :)

21-04-2005, 21:26
the standard airbox's work great....would be nice to see how restrictive they are and run a engine with no box on the rollers....see how much bhp you loose.

You'd lose loads.. cus' no box is gunna be sucking in a lot of air.. no real airflow etc.. (at a guess)

It sounds pretty good tho I think? Heh.

21-04-2005, 21:27
i think he means if under ideal conditions and u fed it without going through a filter... ?

21-04-2005, 22:00
should i sell my ktec viper induction kit and put the stabndard airbox back on????opinions please

21-04-2005, 22:01
Dunno how good the K-Tec item is, but the standard one rocks, hehe.

21-04-2005, 22:05
mmm had it since november cant really remember befroe .dont think it feels as quick but nice noise somedays it flies others feel slow now its warming up gunna have a look get it running perfect i might swap it over see what i think

21-04-2005, 22:09
I had the viper on my old williams a while back and tbh it is a lot better than an open i/k....about the same as the stnd airbox. If you've got the stnd job I'd swap it back and sell the viper...make yourself a few £

21-04-2005, 22:14
it cost me £220 i was making myself believe it was better for the price.....how much u think id get for it?

21-04-2005, 22:17
I paid 200 notes for mine...Doh! Sold it for 100 notes after about a years use...you should get at least that much..

21-04-2005, 22:23
so u think there not worth keeping?will it defo not give me any more power over stanard airbox? might try the airbox see what i think

21-04-2005, 22:26
I can't say for sure obviously, but on my car there was no noticeable difference...keep it if you want it does make a nice noise! :)

21-04-2005, 22:40
martin i remember when i sold it ya it had a pipercross on it as i was washing the panel filter, defo felt slower but sounded ace! standard airbox all the way! im in the process of swapping it back to standard on the scooby, just missing some pipework!

21-04-2005, 22:54
i noticed the other day that the inside of the standard airbox actually gets very hot, because of the close proximity to the engine... all the heat seems to come from the inside of the airbox, the outside however stays quite cool.

22-04-2005, 07:16
I have a Green induction kit, yet having read a few posts saying that the engine bay on the williams gets very hot, and therefore allows hot air to be pulled into the air filter, I have had no probs at any temperature inc driving back to England. Given that France gets pretty hot, what really is the answer....could it be what the total package is ie Zorst, chip, filter? that determines performance. Don't want to change back for no advantage!

22-04-2005, 23:04
There wouldnt be any "problems" as such, its just that the underbonnet temperature gets quite high. This WILL reduce performance if it has too much of an effect on the intake charge.

Typically, for every 3 deg increase in intake temp, there is 1% drop in power