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19-06-2006, 19:53
Hi everyone, another quick question about lowering a valver, my car is already pretty low but the front sits a tiny bit lower than the bk, thinking about dropping the bk another 10-15 to level it but not sure what to do because I heard somewhere that this is no gd and that the front should be a bit lower for handling? What happens if the car is lower on the bk or level? Thanks, Rob

19-06-2006, 20:08
makes the back lock up a bit and it can slide a out a bit on corners, means you can drift tho which is class for a fwd car! :twisted:

19-06-2006, 20:41
Oppersite ;)

Having the arse end lower takes more weight onot the rear beam, they say best distribution is 50/50 although i found that if you take too much weight off the front it tends to understear too much, and means you can't feed the power in quick enough.

Its a case of experimenting with that best suits your driving style