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13-06-2006, 01:50
hi i kneed some info before i go and do this to my car i know some people have done a manual steering conversion to there cars and got shot of the PAS pump and the pulley and took some of the strian off the crank pulley and gianed a little extra BHP but what i want to no is what car (eg. clio/19) had a electric power steering pump fitted to it and will fit and be strong enough to use on a 1.8 clio as i don't want to go and get a manual rack and colum for the car as i just had a new colum fitted and it will be quicker to fit a electic pump than to fit a rack and colum :roll:

13-06-2006, 04:42
The rally boys use a Corsa pump I think.


13-06-2006, 17:05
ask cliorod on here hes running one on his rally clio. pm him

13-06-2006, 22:52
Clio RSI's with aircon have electric pumps apparently

15-06-2006, 10:42
Put a Manual Rack on...

thats what the real men use :twisted:

15-06-2006, 16:55
naturally........im fitting one lol