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12-06-2006, 22:31
looking to get a new job
been a mechanic for 4 years now not liking it so much looking to get into tuning cars / motoracing mechanic something along thoes lines but not to sure where to look no too fussed about driving got my nvq level 3 in light vehicle maintenance but not to sure where to go i no some one works at a tuning company but cant remember who it was :P

12-06-2006, 22:49
imo there a HUGE difference between being a mechanic and tuning cars!

thats one of the reasons i went to uni, becuase id rather get a slightly better job than a mechanic at the end of the day, even although i LOVE working with cars.

best place to start looking is around smaller rally/motorsports teams who need help over race weekends. best place to pick up knolwedge and skills.

very few places will emply anyone these days without experience. :(

good luck in the hunt though...

13-06-2006, 07:53
good idea stew cheers