View Full Version : Stuck Lambda

09-06-2006, 19:19
what’s the best way to get it out? its 100% stuck in there, although it looks quite clean and doesn’t look rusted. i've sprayed it several times with some that’s better than WD40 and it still wont budge.

is it true that getting a blow torch on it to heat it up will help?

on the same lines, the 2 bolts at the front of the cat are totally rusted, i cant tell the nut from the rust that has built up around it. what’s the best approach on them? angle grinder?

09-06-2006, 19:21
Spray it inside the pipe too, and then tighten it up slightly andf then un do it

09-06-2006, 19:50
Leave the car idling to get the exhaust hot, then turn off and try and undo it, if you have no joy with the other methods.

10-06-2006, 09:58
Try undoing the bolts on the cat the normal way using 2 spanners first. If you're lucky they might still come off. If they don't then get the grinder on them and cut em off.