View Full Version : Car Is In The Bodyshop

19-04-2005, 22:18
car is in being done

went down to see it tonight and took him a disposable camera to take some pics of the progress

those arches are pretty rusty !

ill try and get the pics scanned and posted up as soon as its all done

19-04-2005, 22:19
Good man :D

19-04-2005, 22:35
Good stuff, glad you're getting them sorted..they did look pretty nasty.

big hp
19-04-2005, 22:38
Where abouts you getting it done brun? and what sort of price? PM me if you like.

19-04-2005, 23:26
being done in Rainford mate....

not sure if im gettin a special price as ive put some business his way before, and obviously working at Motor World i can continue to do

im payin less than i think i should be, getting every panel/bonnet/bumper sprayed and all the dents and chips took out, arch rust sorted aswell

he showed me a bonnet he has done for an Audi, the finish on it is superb, totally superb