View Full Version : FCS Meet LAST year

19-04-2005, 16:44
any1 camp last year at a campsite bout 5/10 miles away from FCS (forgot the name of the place), anyway tried to book it as i thought i might camp so i dont have todrive for about 5/6hrs in the day and get up well early. but the camp site wouldnt let us! said that after all the trouble last year that they werent letting groups camp or anyone that has any association with the FCS at their site WTF?! any1 camp newhere last year and piss off the owners of a site. App the "lads" had no repsect and broke "things".

21-04-2005, 21:46
no...tbh most of us are travelling down on the day....but im sure there will be other camp sites mate.