View Full Version : Braided Hose Problems

19-04-2005, 15:08
Interesting Page (http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Performance/brakelines.htm)

19-04-2005, 15:21
Interesting indeed. Havent ever seen one fail yet though. I'm sure they do in some instances, but when you look around the club rallying scene how many of these cars have been running the same hoses for years?

As for one failing a few yards down the road, thats just stupid and is completely 100% the fault of the fitter. Whenever we do any work on brakes hydraulics we put a hell of a lot of pedal pressure in the workshop before road testing a car.

Yes, they could certainly fail with normal wear and tear (i.e years of use) but you would almost certainly see or feel tell-tale signs of fluid leakage. If a hose was either incorrectly assembled or fitted to a car it should fail before the car even turns a wheel on the road. IMO anyway.

19-04-2005, 15:48
LOL, how many ppl inspect their non-braided hoses anyway? I never have.

That argument is a bit like saying 'closing the bonnet when you drive is bad cos you cant see if you left the oil filler cap off or not'. Ie pointless.

If your worried just change the braided ones over once a year. Its only 50 quid.