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big hp
19-04-2005, 14:50
There will be more stuff soon, just having a clearout. Pics of everything on request.


Steering Column
Welded up to elininate play, fits all PAS mk1 clios. Very good condition £40

16v Silenced De-cat (supersprint)
Excellent condition £offers

Renault airbag steering wheel and Boss
Good condition £15

Sega Megadrive + Games
Megalomania, NBA Jam, European Club Soccer, Some more but can’t remember.
Excellent condition in original box.

Sony Playstation (original)
Grand tourismo, Lemmings, Worms, Rayman, F1 ????, Tommy Makkinan Rally, + more
Excellent condition in original boxes.

Standard Front door speakers
Full working order when removed to upgrade.

19-04-2005, 17:26
tenner for the mega drive mate! and what games is there with it? how many pads??

big hp
19-04-2005, 19:20
PM sent.

20-04-2005, 21:45
i may go for that price u said mate! could you bring it along to FCS please!

big hp
20-04-2005, 21:48
Yeh i'll bring it along, no worries.


20-04-2005, 22:05
cheers pal! cant beat that retro gaming!

big hp
20-04-2005, 22:13
Definately, i've got a snes as well if your interested in that?

20-04-2005, 22:25
oooooh! what games? boxed? how many pads?

big hp
20-04-2005, 22:41
Can't remember as its my mums. (i'm keeping my snes) i'll blow dust off it and find out details. I think its in original box, 1 controller, but not sure on games.

I'll get back to you. :D

big hp
20-04-2005, 22:51
Just spoke to Mum,

No box :cry:
1 control pad
World cup striker
mario paint (with mouse)
star wing (awesome game)

£20 for that.

20-04-2005, 22:59
i remember mario paint that is old skool was wicked when i was bout 12 years old