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vanny magnet
05-06-2006, 19:54
Hello everyone!

Im brand new to the Clio scene, just purchased a 1.8 16v Clio :D

Im a 27 lad from the North West :D

Must say ive very impressed with it, really nice car :D

The site is really nice, well done to all the team who built it :D


05-06-2006, 19:56
Goodness another North Wester - We're overunning the country!!

Welcome matey!

Get some pics up of the beast

05-06-2006, 20:15

05-06-2006, 21:24
hiya mate, get some pics up! :wink:

05-06-2006, 21:42
welcome :)

05-06-2006, 21:49
hey dude where abouts u from?

vanny magnet
05-06-2006, 21:57
Hi matey

Im from Southport, just up the road :D

Much goes down in Blackpool?

When ever ive been there, there seems to be a big cruise scene :D

05-06-2006, 22:02
cool, not 2 far away then :)

there is a cruise scene in blackpool, they have thier own forum and stuff (www.cruiseblackpool.co.uk) i think but i dont really rate it at all to be honest.
it's mainly "minted" paxo's and nova's and such, with "phat" 256754 inch rims and neons. usually all noise and no power.

vanny magnet
06-06-2006, 20:32
No not far matey, if theres any meets or events give me a shout :D

Will keep an on the events from this forum aswell :wink: