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08-02-2005, 22:03
OK. 182 is a max of 179 BHP, probably more like 175. Based on the FR7 lump the 182 engine is basically a tuned version. The 172 was tweaked and the 182 tweaked more, each time limiting the amount of power than it achievable from the engine over its base level. Yes?

So do you think its possible for GDI to extract a further 30 bhp from the following mods?

Piper Fast road cams

headwork and matched manifolds

Pro-speed exhaust

ITG maxogen filter


Larger Fuel injectors

Power peaked at 205 bhp, at 6500 rpm and 7000 rpm

Personally i think its bollox. proably 185-190 bhp at the most.

2 live
09-02-2005, 10:02
well mate its quite a lot of work....but 30 bhp...

think this is one to race ...see how it performs.....dont forget...think martins made 140 odd on their rollers....but only 120 or summat daft on re's.....worth bearing in mind

09-02-2005, 10:27
So that would make my estimate of 185 to 190 about right.

I wish they would post BEFORE rr results.

2 live
09-02-2005, 10:50
lol.just read their post on cs....

if the lads done it in stages, obviously as theyre building up a kit, theyve researched evry mod and rollered it b4 n after each mod. then fitted the next etc etc etc

but the 130 at wheels figure for a std 182 seems fukkin well low to me...i know the 172s put out hugely differing figures, but most of them were well above 130 at the wheels...apart from the odd badly tuned exception.

fukkin hell paddys was 153 @ wheels absolutely boggo

09-02-2005, 12:27
Tuning a car with few miles on the clock like this. Good idea or bad idea?

Should you wait until its run in?

big hp
09-02-2005, 13:00
I'd of thought its best to run it in first.

09-02-2005, 16:27
At gdi mine made 140 atw which they equate to 180 at the fly!? Then made 129bhp atw at RE...1 more than northy and 2 less than monkey. iirc

09-02-2005, 18:06
only thing I can add is my car made 140@wheels at GDi and mae exact same power at RE a couple of months later! but undersfuelling slightly on 95ron!

09-02-2005, 18:41
Weird, Monkey's williams made 137 and 131(?) at RE on two different days! I take rr figures with a pinch of salt..I think 1/4 mile is a more accurate demostrator of performance (providing you can drive off course, but even then the terminal speed gives you a good idea how quick your car is).

09-02-2005, 18:44
I don't mind telling people I've got 155 bhp though..lol You get valver owners claiming that sort of power with chip/filter/de-cat ...don't think they'll do sub 15 qtr mile though!!

2 live
10-02-2005, 11:17

im with u on this one tho martin...r/r figures can be percieved whichever way u want em to be..a bit like statistics lol

true measure....down the strip/round a track/on the road...

10-02-2005, 13:11
It can also be very beneficial for rr companies to swell the figuresa a bit. I've heard of other well known companies quoting figures like those of GDI but then hearing of people that have had work done getting much lower figures elsewhere.

2 live
10-02-2005, 15:23
lol...LAD springs to mind there too lol

10-02-2005, 15:36
I was thinking of another company with 3 letters.

10-02-2005, 18:13
hmm i saw a n/a 106gti in the back of pgti with a lad conversion! no throttle bodies or nowt and it was claimed 195bhp!

not bad from 130? pmsl! gimps!

10-02-2005, 18:16
I was highly sceptical of AMDs claimed 40-45bhp increase from a chip and zorst on evo's VX turbo.

willy 0329
10-02-2005, 19:41
the chip probably gives it more boost hence the high power gain claim a bleed valve on a r5 gtt can give the same massive gain but u loose all reliability

10-02-2005, 23:12
a friend of mine got 147 @wheels in his clio172 , about 172.6 it worked out at fly!!

2 live
11-02-2005, 10:28
that steve mate??

his had the viper on a s well dint it???

11-02-2005, 19:52
yeah it was steves 172, no didnt have viper on at time, was i think a 1500mile engine too