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19-04-2005, 12:56
Im definately in need of a new dogbone mount, and I was thinking about getting an uprated one to help prevent my new manifold from cracking and also help prevent my exhaust from knocking.

Has anyone got the Hill Power uprated dogbone mount? I've emailed him for details, just wondering if anyone could fill me in on how it would feel, how different it would be, loads more vibrations etc?

basically I want a comfortable ride, but want to be more friendly to my exhaust.

19-04-2005, 13:04
I have one!

Not on my car though as it's got nothing to support at the moment!

They just hold the engine firmer.. doubt you'd notice any difference apart from it holds the engine better for longer.

19-04-2005, 13:28
I have one. Seems good buy

19-04-2005, 13:37
Right well if rob has one im deffo gonna get one then! :D

what happend to standard schmandard?

19-04-2005, 14:21
Stromba in modified Williams shocker!!!! :lol:

I also have one on mine, but its seen better days after a few years of abuse. I have now filled all my bushes with poly sealant including the 19 16v gearbox mount. The whole ****ing car vibrates now when the engines running. :shock:

Its always hard to gauge, but I remember being impressed when the Hillpower mount first went on . If your old ones worn (very likely) then its worthwhile replacing it with an uprated item IMO.

19-04-2005, 15:27

will deffo get these then.

19-04-2005, 23:27
me got one too...

better than the standard crap one!

20-04-2005, 16:26
ordered :P

20-04-2005, 16:38
whats actually the difference......im always sceptical about the uprated claims.....

20-04-2005, 16:42
they are stiffer, so will help prevent ure engine from moving as much on gear changes, braking, acceleration etc.

Steve a
20-04-2005, 18:58
The rubber support in the middle of the mount has been bonded in a different position(basically turned through 90 degrees) making it alot stiffer, very worth while mod.

23-04-2005, 18:05
new dog mount arrived yesturday, got one for Allan aswell... pictured below the rubber bit in the middle is just rotated through 90 degrees as someone above mentioned... not cheap at 60quid each! im sure they will be worth it though as my current mount is completely knackered!


23-04-2005, 18:07
:) looking nice, cant wait to get my valver back on wensday! probably fit it next weekend

23-04-2005, 18:12
turn the renault one the other way....

23-04-2005, 20:26
they are both reno ones mate, one is upside down

23-04-2005, 20:44


i might need to invest in one :-)

23-04-2005, 22:39
will fit tomorrow and report on the diff it makes

24-04-2005, 07:43
Just being Dull!, but how would you deff know that you needed one :?

24-04-2005, 17:48
Excessive engine movement which is sometimes evident by the gearstick movement.


24-04-2005, 20:46
Fitted the dog bone to summys willams, took about 20 mins.,
Its all nice and solid now ! the old mount is well nakard tho ! was all broken im sure summy will get some pics up

24-04-2005, 20:49
oh by jolly i just put the new engine mount in... everything seems a LOT more smoother now, now gearstick knock... less exhaust knocking... well happy. thanks nick!

Here is a picture of my old mount, the rubber is totally split, its well and truely KNACKERED!



24-04-2005, 22:37
Mine wasnt that bad, but was bad too. One of the best things ive done.

24-04-2005, 23:13
should the gear stick move at all when driving when i put my foot down it moves a little.how much r they uprated mounts?

24-04-2005, 23:18
they are 60quid from nick hill after the discount... i think original ones are 30-40quid or maybe 15quid from GSF can't remember but i wanted an uprated one and couldn't be arsed messing about modifying it myself so sorted :D

deffo worth it i think... my gearstick hardly moves at all now, before (specially in 5th) it used to move about half an inch!! on lift-off.

Now moves about 1mm if that! just feels so much better. fantastic.

24-04-2005, 23:19
actually they must be cheaper than 60quid cuz i ordered 2 and with delivery it was 112 quid or something, so :] not bad i think.

24-04-2005, 23:45
my gearstick moves about quite abit when i put my foot dowm prob half inch at least.any other ways 2 check if its worn...

24-04-2005, 23:48
look ;) its easy to get too just at the back of the engine bay at the bottom, check down by the downpipe, if in doubt just follow the exhaust :) its right next to it

i heard that you can also fill the dog bones to make them stiffer

24-04-2005, 23:56
thats one of the things that alarmed me when i bought my clio.. the amount the gearstick moved on acceleration!

25-04-2005, 00:00
yeah noticed mine moves loads on the valver, so good job i got one too :) will be fitting that when i get some time

25-04-2005, 00:08
i might get 1 will it make me go faster?lol or just stop my engine falling out

25-04-2005, 02:23
i might get 1 will it make me go faster?lol or just stop my engine falling out

it will help with gear changes, so yes, wud make u go faster... :D

25-04-2005, 23:04
Just finished fitting all three new mounts (Inc Uprated Dogbone) to Daz's Willy2 and the engine is now solid as a rock, only slight movement coming from the top RH one.


25-04-2005, 23:07
How easy to change the other two?

25-04-2005, 23:11
My engine seems to have a bit of movement even when idling. It rocks back and forth ever so slightly, could the mounts need replacing?? If so is it a big job?

25-04-2005, 23:11
My engine doesnt move at all. The whole car shakes instead. :shock:

25-04-2005, 23:24
How easy to change the other two?

Nice and easy when you have the engine out! :D

But not too hard anyway, would just need to support the engine each side with a jack.


26-04-2005, 01:43
dogbone mount was a dodle, even for me, took 15minutes, 5minutes of that was me pissing about getting my car up the ramps...

been out giving a good thrashing and seems a lot more solid... alhtough i can feel the vibrations coming through at 4k RPM now a LOT more than before but imo just adds to the driving experience.