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17-04-2005, 17:42
whats the best way??? just upgrade the bulbs?? if so what ones? or buy a set of angel eye projectors??? heres 2 on e bay!

this one


or this one with the indicator built in??


opinions please!

17-04-2005, 17:50
hi mate, i upgraded my bulbs and rewired my headlights with thick cable and relays to get a feed directly off the battery. The result is now that my headlights are running nearly 14volts with the engine on, and 12.5volts with the engine off... before I was losing about 2volts through the wiring loom. It has made a MASSIVE difference.

17-04-2005, 19:32
Thats what I did at the same time as fitting 130/90 bulbs. Has improved the Clios lights no-end.

17-04-2005, 19:47
I just bought some Philips Power2Night Bulbs..

All this rewiring sounds a bit much..

I'll let ya know how they are when I get car back on road!

17-04-2005, 21:24
Daz, its not a bit much its a piece of piss mate, it'll take you a couple of hours to do maybe less but is a bit fiddly... but you're cars in bits anyway so it is WELL worth doing.

Im running standard rated bulbs Osram Cool Blue, equivilent to the Philips Blue jobbies.

The difference is amazing on standard headlights.

I was thinking about making up a kit, wires cut to the length required, already soldered together and with all plugs/relays etc, everything you need and it'd look very tidy with instructions. Would prolly be about 40-50quid mark depends how many people are interested.

17-04-2005, 22:06
If I did it, I'd have to open up all of the standard wiring to get it in the covering etc..

Either way, the standard wiring is fine for legal normal bulbs.. it's only higher wattage (and not e-marked bulbs) that it's good for.. which, tbh, I wouldn't use anyway. (As I understand it)

I don't remember my Williams 3 lights being that bad - and they were standard. My 2's were bad but the headlight aim was WELL low.. soon to be fixed when I get it back.

Hopefully the new bulbs will increase the range anyway..

17-04-2005, 22:31
new headlights won't fix bad wiring.

Before I did this modification I was reading 11.5 volts to the headlights with the engine off, 12.5volts with the engine running.

Now im reading 12.5 volts with the engine off and 13.5 - 13.8 volts with the engine running.

Thats about 1 volt difference, you wouldn't think it amounts to much, but im telling ya you can notice the difference quite well !

17-04-2005, 22:37
Ah, so you just get more voltage to the lights.. so standard bulbs are brighter.

Sounds good, but guess what? I won't be changing mine.. hehe. :lol:

The bulbs should work at their best at 12v, so 12.5v should be OK.. but extra juice can't be bad..
Even so.. I'd rather just keep mine all standard..

17-04-2005, 22:52
extra juice will probably shorten their life a bit, but im sure they factor that in when designing them, since batterys pump out about 14volts when being charged.

17-04-2005, 23:55
Yeah i helped summy with his mod on the lights and omg they are so much better now!

will be doing mine soon as i can be arsed lol, have lots of other things to fix on the valver tho so they will get done as soon as i have done the other 200 things that need fixing !

The car is like an endless money pit with a loanshark holding me upside down and shaking me above it !

i can really say the diffrence is more then noticable.
Although if you are going for angel eyes i deffo like the second set on ebay they are v nice!

18-04-2005, 01:51
I used to have some Sportzblue 100W bulbs from Motorworld.

Was a vast improvement!

Need to get some more to put in my angel eyes.....

18-04-2005, 02:56
BTW if anyone is ordering bulbs from powerbulbs XVQAV170
put that in as your discount code ;)
10% off

18-04-2005, 10:05
If anyone wants a guide to re-wiring the lights then pm me. It's on cs and should make it on here at some point.

18-04-2005, 10:28
Just get some night vision goggles.

As Arnold says in Terminators 3: