View Full Version : Promotion........hmmmmm

19-05-2006, 22:54
ive been offered my own shop yesterday by my area manager and i cant decide whether to take it or not (i work for Motor World)

basically, the money on offer is £2k a year more, i wouldnt accept that for a few reasons, one being im on piss poor wages now and should be on more for the job im already doing, and the second its further away so id have more travelling costs, id probably seriously consider it for £3k a year extra but still not certain

im not blowing my own trumpet but i am pretty good at my job, ive been working in my current shop for 3 years now and been trained very well by my manager, i also have loads of customers who i know really well and have good relationships with a lot of people in the local shops, i dont pretend to know everything about cars, i dont by any stretch of the imagination but i know a lot more than your average bloke and at least half the staff on our region, especially when it comes to product knowledge

is anyone else a manager, whats it actually like being in control of everything and having that much responsibility ?.........im an assistant manager now so i suppose it wont be that much different, but there are times when im glad ive got someone above me to turn to

also, my area manager is, well, very 'direct', he doesnt take any shit of any shape or form, not that i give him any we get on pretty well to be honest, but with the managers on the region he does tend to put the pressure on which ive told him i probably wouldnt be happy with, i know and can do my job, i dont need someone to kick me up the arse to do it, i do it anyway!

im more than happy where i am at present, but, i really could do with the cash, ive got quite large debts id like to pay off, and i have very very little disposable income at the end of the month once everything is paid off, there is more to life than money though, but at the moment im surviving more than living

what does everyone think then ?...........stay where i am, or risk it and get more cash...

the thing is if i do go for it and its not for me, i could end up anywhere within the region if i needed to go to another shop, not back at the shop where i am at the moment, which is where id want to go hmmmmmm