View Full Version : locking wheel nut problem

17-04-2005, 12:05
when changing my brake pads i seem to have somehow lost the locking wheel nut key.does any1 know if renault fitted these as standard i've got a pic of mine (they look pretty old so thought they might be renault) but the uploader isnt working.......could maybe get a socket over the top but dont really wanna ruin them if i can get a replacement key for renault....any1 help?

17-04-2005, 13:55
Renault ones had a metal ring round the outside which rotated to try to stop people hammering a socket over them.

I now have 3 keys for mine, i always eseem to end up loosing them :oops:

17-04-2005, 16:44
yea that sounds like mine r there many different varients of these and will i be able to pick up a key from renault?any ideas on price mate?

17-04-2005, 16:57
could always upgrade them and get some McGuard ones from Halfords like i did.

Look better aswell.

17-04-2005, 17:00
yes but i wanted to get the old ones off first without battering them or having to pay some1 to dril them out

17-04-2005, 17:05
oh right.....can u call the rac ?

Im sure someone will post you a key mate.

17-04-2005, 17:17
I have some bolts wiht a key you can use and return for free if you want, not sure they are all the same though are they?

19-04-2005, 15:58
went to renault they wanted 15 quid plus takes 6 weeks 4 a key didnt even ask me design so i thoygh t it will never be right

19-04-2005, 21:24

this is a pic of it is it original renault any1 have a key for this

19-04-2005, 21:25
wooo didnt mean it to be so big

20-04-2005, 22:55
any1 help?

21-04-2005, 07:24
you need a tool like a gator grip....

21-04-2005, 17:18
do u know if renault stll supply the keys 4 this?