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08-02-2005, 18:02
Did my engine con and the engine started sweet....Took it out for a small spin around the block...no death because the seat were'nt bolted in.

Had it ticking over in the back garden, this morning ready to take it out again...and it cut out and wont start?

Starters turning but nothings happening at all, not firing up

Fuel pump does'nt seem to be making a noise, when putting the ignision on?... It normally does.

Got this sh*t feeling its the fuel pump..had this replaced 8 months ago but theres is 2 iirc ....Does the fuel pump have a fuse

or does anyone one else have any ideas, what it mite be? before I rip it apart later tonight.



08-02-2005, 19:03
There is a fuse for the fuel pump, its in the engine bay fusebox... IIRC its fuse no. 14! :wink:

If the fuse is ok then its a case of checking out the pump... :roll:

I once had a similar starting problem, went out for a drive and all was cool... pulled car down the drive and next morning it wouldnt start; i put it down to the fact my driveway is a pretty steep decline and i was very low on fuel, so the fuel from the main tank must have somehow shifted into the aux.tank and was unable to get pumped around the fuel rail! :oops:

Hope that helps mate, if u need any advice gimme a shout! :P


08-02-2005, 19:24
as big bore bri said check the fuel pump fuse, if thats ok do a test to see if theres a live to the fuel pump! could well of died !

08-02-2005, 19:32
Cheers guys

Will have look tomorrow

13-02-2005, 23:23
fixed it :-)...
fuse 14 was intact, punp was fine, there is another sneky fuse in the left suspension turret (blackbox) the offending fuse was located in there.


13-02-2005, 23:42
:D :D :D
forgot about this post