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08-05-2006, 22:55
Thinking of signing up for Talk Talk-now got a new laptop which will cope with broadband (fed up with 56k - want to watch some of the vids!!) anybody heard anything good or bad about it?Cheers :D

09-05-2006, 18:31
iv got a m8 who works there....

wot do u wana kno m8 and ill find out 4 ya!

09-05-2006, 22:16
:D What it is iLL_MoVeS ,is that it all seems too good to be true £21 = free phone calls anytime,line rental and fast broadband (upto 8 meg)with a 40gig download limit!!!whats the catch!!! :? I think its a twelve month contract which aint to bad as well.Maybe im just too suspecious for my own good!! :D

12-05-2006, 18:00

as far as i kno m8 its £21 a month.....you can make free phone calls anytime to anyplace incl abroad, this £21 includes line rental and the phone....and the net is thrown in 4 free....not sure on installation though....

ill double check with my m8 4 ya wilyolddave