View Full Version : soggy southend meet

07-05-2006, 00:02
first of all i would like to thank all the people who showed up! even tho it was raining and i mean really raining!. and i hope that everyone got back safely? as the roads on the way back were trecherous! i aquaplaned 4 times on the way back!

i didnt get any pics but scott got a few which will be uploaded in the next few days. also would like to thank scott for embarresing me!!! :oops: :lol:

also flans nice plate! cant believe it was that cheap...... and that is one mean motor... didnt realise it was a TT

good to meet you all even if briefly :D

roll on FCS

07-05-2006, 00:37
Yeah sorry I couldn't make it lol, unforseen events :D

Hope you all had a good time.

jay s
07-05-2006, 00:43
just got back myself, what shit weather :( was so nice on thursday :roll: anyway sorry i was late, had a few bits to do. was good to meet everybody, new and old people :D love how flans car is sitting can't wait to get the widetrack fitted now and well done mate for doing such a good conversion :D can't wait to see it go on track at fcs :twisted:

Clio b
07-05-2006, 08:57
Raining.... it was bloody pouring!

How drenched did we all get!

It was cool to meet ya all.... nice to finally put some faces to names!

Cant wait till fcs! :D

07-05-2006, 11:47
missed another meet :( will meet you all at fcs tho :)

big hp
07-05-2006, 12:24
Embarressed............. Sorry Paul LOL you did go a bit red. :lol:

Roads were dodgy on way home, didn't stop me and flan having a play though, boy is his car fast. Rolling starts and i could hold him till end of third then he just went. Granted it was wet and he was spinning up in third so not a fair comparison.

I wouldn't even bother if it was dry he'd of made me look like a 1.2 :cry:

Nice to see all the old faces, and meet some new ones.

Was a reasonable turn out considering the weather conditions.

Sorry to jay_s and clio_b, you made the effort to come down and we all cleared off, we had been there for ages and were as wet as we could take.

Roll on FCS

07-05-2006, 12:52
Nice to meet everyone last night, shame about the weather, maybe we should do it again when the weathers a bit better! :lol:

big hp
07-05-2006, 12:54
Nice to meet everyone last night, shame about the weather, maybe we should do it again when the weathers a bit better! :lol:


Sorry for racing off. Me and Flan were playing with the traffic :oops:

Clio b
07-05-2006, 13:24
we should definately do it again when its not raining!

and i'll make sure i get there a bit earlier next time! it took me ages cause on the motorway the rain was so bad i couldnt see a thing... and everyone was in all 3 lanes doin about 50! :(

but it was a good turn out i think! :D

07-05-2006, 14:41
any pics yet scott???