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08-04-2005, 12:27
I've joined up with the East Anglia rep of the RTOC to arrange a huge East Anglia meet.

The only definate details so far are that we will be meeting from 2:30pm on Sat 4th June at The Pontiac on the A47 Acle straight, about 4 miles outside of Gt Yarmouth.
With the combined members of RSC, RTOC plus other Renault clubs, we are hoping to see upto 100 cars here for the meet, possibly followed by a SLOW DRIVE down to Gt Yarmouth, depending on local police agreement. However, we have confirmation of a major specialist magazine covering this meet for us.

If anyone is interested, or wants any further details, please e-mail me at Rudders_16vren@hotmail.com

16-04-2005, 17:04
yes mate i would be very interested in this meet! and i think a few of the east anglia members on here may be up for this! if you could post some more info please mate!

16-04-2005, 21:51
:D definately up for it - so should KS as well - it's near enough to Norwich!! will post in my diary- see you there :D

17-04-2005, 00:01
You had me until i saw the word cruise. :wink:

18-04-2005, 10:43
Ammended accordingly! Im only organising the initial get together, but giving the proximity to Gt Yarmouth, and the popularity of it, i just assumed that several people will head down there afterwards.

More details coming soon

10-05-2005, 13:14

01-06-2005, 11:03